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Zettai Zetsumei (絶体絶命) is the first ending theme song of The Promised Neverland anime. It is composed and performed by Cö shu Nie, who also composes and performs the second anime ending, LampZettai Zetsumei debuts in Episode 1 of the anime, alongside the opening theme song, Touch off, which is composed and performed by UVERworld.



  • Several characters that appeared in the ending are characters that made their debut in the novel, A Letter from Norman, and the Christmas Omake in Volume 2. Few of the characters are Michelle and Olivia.
    • Michelle was the girl who was seen holding hands with a young Emma walking along the cafeteria. She was later seen running across the field playing a ball with several other children.
    • Olivia was the girl who was reading a storybook to a group of younger orphans. She was also later seen playing the ball in the field.

Michelle and Olivia.

  • The tin can telephone that appeared at the end of the list of pictures flashed is a reference to the Christmas Omake chapter, where a young Emma talked to Norman via the same device.

  • The young boy whose face was covered by his fringe and was seen with a butterfly is Isabella's childhood sweetheart, Leslie. The scene of Leslie later transited to a young version of Isabella, who was seen running.
  • The final scene with a faceless Emma is similar to Norman on the cover of Chapter 27, the two have the same pose and are both surrounded by flying white doves.
  • The boot, book and chess piece shown at the very end of the ending theme are representing Emma, Ray and Norman, respectively.
    • The boot represents Emma, since the latter is an athletic individual.
    • The book represents Ray, since Ray is often seen reading a book, it also represents his vast intelligence.
    • The chess piece, The Queen, represents Norman, most likely symbolizing his strategic skills he often uses in tag.

A similar representation on page from Chapter 1 of the Manga.

Behind the scenes

  • Kaiu Shirai commented on WSJ issue 45 about the anime songs "Zettai Zetsumei" and "Lamp" being about His story. Both seeming to parallel Emma and Norman's relationship and thoughts.


TV Version

朱らむ空が 今日はこんなに怖い
知らなければ 幸せでいられた



この檻を抜けろ 明日を掴む為に

Akaramu sora ga kyou wa konna ni kowai
Shiranakereba shiawase de irareta
Atatakai Tomoshibi hitotsu mata ochiru

Kou yatte shiranu ma ni
Ushinatteita ano yasashii koe
Shinjite shimatta no boku ni wa
Dore dake datta

Hotobashiru ase to moeru Kokoro de
Tashika ni bokura wa Ishi wo motte ikiteru

"aishite Kure" nante ne, ima sara
Ugoke, motsureru ashi

Kono ori wo nukero ashita wo tsukamu tame ni
Zetsubou wo kakenukero

The sky became red, today is so frightening
Would I have been happy without knowing
Another warm light falls

Like this, I lost it without knowing
That gentle voice
I believed it
That was all it was for me

With gushing sweat and a burning heart
We really are living with a will of our own
It's too late for 'love me'
Move, my tangled legs

Get out of this cage, in order to grasp tomorrow
Run through the despair

Full Version

朱らむ空が 今日はこんなにこわい

暖かい灯火 ひとつまた落ちる

あの優しい声 信じてしまったの

心なくせば 楽になれるなんて
そんなの嘘 そのまま 壊れちゃう

甘い闇 嘆いても 助けは来ない

愛してくれなんてね 今更
動け もつれる足

ほとばしる汗と 燃える心で

切り開け 着実に

akaramu sora ga kyou wa konna ni kowai
shiranakereba shiawase de irareta?

atatakai tomoshibi hitotsu mata ochiru

kou yatte shiranu ma ni ushinatteta
ano yasashii koe shinjite shimatta no
boku ni wa sore dake datta

kokoro nakuseba raku ni nareru nante
sonna no uso sono mama kowarechau

amai yami nageitemo tasuke wa konai

aishite kure nante ne ima sara
ugoke motsureru ashi
kono ori wo nukero
ashita wo tsukamu tame ni
zetsubou wo kakenukero

hotobashiru ase to moeru kokoro de
tashika ni bokura wa ishi wo motte ikiteru

kou yatte neratteru
akirame wa shinai
kando wo takamete
jikkuri yareba ii
kirihirake chakujitsu ni
toki ga shoumei suru darou



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