Zazie pulling out his blade
 Kanji ザジー
 Rōmaji Zajī
• Characteristics •
 Gender Male
• Professional Information •
 Affiliation William Minerva
 Status Alive
• Relationships •
 Allies William Minerva
 Enemies Demons
• Debuts •
 Manga Chapter 113

Zazie (ザジー, Zajī?) is a confidant of William Minerva and a minor character of The Promised Neverland.


Cuvitidala Arc

Minerva raided a factory farm

Zazie and the rest entered the factory farm's livestock room.

On October of 2047, Zazie, along with William Minerva and the rest of his teammates, successfully raided a factory farm and massacred all the demons that were in it with ease. Zazie and his team soon proceeded to the room where orphans were held in poor conditions, as he followed Minerva's orders to free one of the orphans from his shackles that restrained his hands. Afterwards, the team was unable to rescue the orphans since they would die immediately if they were freed from the machines they were on, hence Zazie and his teammates burnt down the farm instead, wiping it from existence.

After some time, Zazie and the rest stood on a balcony of a tall building, overlooking a sea of orphans who had managed to break free from the premium farms. Cheers and applause filled the atmosphere as the orphans repeatedly chanted out Minerva's name.[1]

Zazie was sent to find Hayato and Jin after the two took too long to find the Grace Field orphans. He came across Emma surrounded by demons and slew them with ease, and was about to kill Emma until Hayato stopped him.[2]


Zazie is a tall adult who dons two interlocking sheaths on his back, which are strapped on with two belts in front of his body. The sheaths help to keep his twin swords which he primarily use in combat. What are strapped below are a long, plain coat, dark colored pants and large shoes. The most significant and distinctive part of Zazie's appearance is a paper bag which covers up his entire head, with two holes cut out for him to see through, as well as a mini toy tiger hanging right below his head.


Zazie appears to be unable to speak, as he only groaned during the conversation with his other teammates after they successfully raided a factory farm, and after finding Hayato. Hayato describes Zazie as a "rabid dog", and says that it's hard to know what he is thinking.[3]


William Minerva

Zazie slicing off the handcuffs

Zazie obeying Minerva's commands, as he sliced off the livestocks' shackles.

Not much is currently known of Zazie's relationship with Minerva. Zazie does however bear a certain degree of respect and obedience towards Minerva as his leader, or his ally at the very least. This was shown when he listened to his commands of freeing factory farm orphans from their shackles with his sword.[4]

Skills and Abilities


Zazie wields two long swords as his primary weapons. Along with his team, he was able to take down the demons working in a factory farm and showed no signs of difficulty or struggle in doing so.[5]


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