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Yverk anime

Yverk mugshot

 Kanji イヴェルク
 Rōmaji Iveruku
 Alias Duke Yverk[1]
• Characteristics •
 Gender Male
 Race Demon
 Age 1000+
• Professional Information •
 Occupation Duke
• Relationships •
 Allies Legravalima, Dozza, Bayon II, Noum, Pupo
• Debuts •
 Manga Chapter 2

Yverk (イヴェルク, Iveruku?) is an antagonist of The Promised Neverland series.


Yverk was shown in a flashback of Bayon's in Chap 84.


Introduction Arc

Holding a Vida plant in his hands, Yverk commented on how the orphans in the premium farms would satisfy DemonKing Name since they are special meals for DemonKing Name to feast on as compared to the lower grade human meat he and the other demons consume. Yverk added how they should celebrate the harvest and pray for DemonKing Name.[2][3]

Cuvitidala Arc

On November 2047, in the imperial capital, Yverk stood side by side with the four other representatives of the different houses. Yverk was consistently reprimanding Dozza's manners and kneeled onto the ground when queen Legravalima made her entrance.[4]


Like almost all demons, he wears a mask protecting his eyes and face. Other than that, Yverk seems to be a tall demon who wears formal clothes, probably because of his position as the leader of his house.  


Being the head of his respective house, Yverk seems to be a powerful and strict man who constantly reprimanded Dozza on his manners and behavior. Yverk seems to hold a lot of respect to the queen, instantly kneeling for her when she entered the room where he was waiting for her. 





Bayon II





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