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Yugo & Lucas vs Andrew's team is a battle in Cuvitidala Arc. The battle is between humans, Yugo and Lucas vs Andrew and his team. The battle took place in Shelter B06-32.


Emma and the children fled from Shelter B06-32, as house pursuers led by Andrew attacked there. 2 adults, Yugo and Lucas were left to fight the house pursuers.


Lucas and Yugo take out Andrew's men, one by one. But that only pushes Andrew to extreme measures, even if it means sacrificing his own men. Even so, Lucas picks them off one by one. In a flashback, Dina wants Lucas and Yugo to stop fighting. But the boys ignore her and continue with their play fight. In the end, they congratulate each other on work well done. Just like they are doing in the present. The fighting and the dead bodies trigger Lucas's memories of how wrong he was to think that demons were the only enemy. Men like Andrew are also responsible for humans being treated like cattle. [1]

With skills and tactics, Yugo and Lucas pluck off the enemies one by one giving Andrew a hard time killing them. Not too soon, he realized that they are from the Glory Bell survivors 15 years ago. He takes notes of their conditions and used that in order to corner them. He orders Collins and Berkeley to kill them, but with the two's powerful teamwork, they managed to hold them back making Andrew throw a grenade at them. Lucas realizes this and shields Yugo from the explosion. One of the enemies approached them but Mister shoots his head while still below the rubble. He grabs Lucas's body and ran. Andrew and another man chases Yugo and barrages him with shots with some of them hitting his back. Refusing to leave each other, the two leads Andrew and the other man to the armory. With their injuries, the two fell, and the other two caught up. Andrew commented on the weaponry and about Lucas dragging down Mister. He said that he could've had a chance on defeating them if he had left him. Yugo scoffs at his comment and said that the kids will change the world. They will topple the system that has been running for 1000 years. Andrew wasted no time and points a gun at them. Before he can shoot, Yugo gives the signal and Lucas shoots a gas tank and from a distance, Shelter B06-32 explodes. [2]


Yugo and Lucas have both died after causing an explosion in the shelter, trying to sacrifice themselves with Andrew and his team to save the rest of the children.


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