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Windmill Boy is a placeholder name for an unnamed boy who helped Lucas escape from Leuvis at Goldy Pond. He gave Lucas shelter at the windmill he was living in. He died five years later due to sickness.[1]


The boy saves Lucas from bleeding to death.

Not much is known about his past apart from the fact that he found a severely injured Lucas, whom he saved from Grand Duke Leuvis. He took him home to the windmill he was living in and lived together with Lucas until his death five years later. He was presumably born and raised as an orphan at Grand Valley and was shipped out to Goldy Pond to become prey for the Poachers to hunt.


He appeared to be a short boy with white braided hair and dark skin. He wore the typical clothes most children wear in Goldy Pond: a white collared shirt and matching pants. He also appears to be wearing lipstick. His Grand Valley identification number is tattooed across his upper chest.


The boy is described as being a coward, which is why he is in hiding. He did not want to risk being found by demons. He felt guilty about all the other children who died on the hunting ground, but felt too afraid to help anyone before saving Lucas' life.


Search For Minerva Arc

The unnamed boy was first mentioned by Lucas to Emma for being the one who saved him when he was in trouble. He took Lucas to the windmill he was living at and lived together with Lucas for over 5 years until he died of sickness.[1] The following eight years, Lucas lived alone in the windmill.


The boy with Lucas.


At the time the boy was at Goldy Pond, Lucas was a hero for the children of the hunting ground. Knowing this, and plagued by the guilt of abandoning the other children, he saved Lucas in hope that the latter would help spark a rebellion. The two became close friends in the five years they lived together.[2]


  • Because of his seemingly feminine appearance, many fans believed him to be a girl. However, Kaiu Shirai clarified that the character was a boy in a Q&A in the official fan book.[2]


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