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Walter (ウォルター, Walter) is a minor character of The Promised Neverland manga series and a recurring character from the Records of Comrades light novel.


Walter's name written on the shelter wall.

Walter was a boy born and raised at Glory Bell orphanage, alongside Lucas, Yugo, Dina, and countless other children. Walter along with his friend Anny enjoyed gathering flowers and helping his siblings decorate for tea parties. At some point during his time in the orphanage, Yugo brought forward the idea of escaping (presumably after finding out the true intentions of the farms). From there, Walter escaped with Yugo and Lucas and sixteen other children. Walter and his friends then took refuge at Shelter B06-32 before deciding to travel to the human reserve in hopes of finding William Minerva. On the way there, Walter and his friends were captured by the Poachers who brought them to Goldy Pond. Once there, Leuvis mercilessly slaughtered him and all of his friends with the exception of Yugo, who later returned to the Shelter alone, and Lucas, who begun living in the windmill with another boy, after barely managing to escape alive. He appears in the third light novel, Records of Comrades.