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Vylk (ヴィルク, Vylk) is a recurring character in The Promised Neverland anime. He is an elderly demon living in the demon village. Vylk is an anime original character, and as such, he does not appear in the manga.


Vylk is one of the demons who drank Mujika's blood. Along with Sonju and Mujika He was one of the survivors of the time when the king and the nobles killed Mujika's friends.[1]



Vylk is an old demon who wears a robe. He has a walking stick and luggage behind him along with a grey piece of cloth over his eyes.


He eats humans but depends on a situation. He is a good demon and he understands that the humans are not just foods because they also have minds. He is always praying and he loves his family very much.


King of Paradise Arc

He visited the temple that Emma and the others were hiding in, but was unable to recognize them as humans due to his blindness. Because of this he believes that they are demon children who are passing through. Warning them not to stay in the temple too long due to bad omens, he begins to prepare an offering to his demon goddess, but drops his apples and his cane in the process. Against Gilda's warnings, Emma helps the demon out at risk of being mauled herself, but the demon thanks her for her help, breaking her cold sweat.[2]

Emma (Demon) is drinking Vylk's blood.

He begins to pray for his kind and wishes for everything to turn out better for them. When Norman and his group attack the demon village. One little demon girl tries to escape from Norman's wrath by searching for her grandpa and he tries to find Emma, confusing the human galloping towards them with his granddaughter fleeing the carnage, whom he finds, but Norman also found them as well, seething with anger and hate. The drug reaches them and the little demon degenerates but her grandpa does not. Realizing he's a descendant of Mujika's blood infusions, he attempts to kill them both, and he stabbed his hand. Vylk tells her to drink the blood which is then done, causing the generation to stop. Human Emma arrives and she stops Norman from killing Vylk and his grandchild just in time.[3]

Vylk cut his hand.

He cut off his hand and it bled and he fed it with blood to a demon who turned into a wild demon. when they were in the temple he saw Mujika and Vylk gave his granddaughter the pen other part of the pin that he got 15 years ago from a man who was about to die and when he died he was eaten by Vylk and his family. As Vylk left, Emma thanked him.[4]

Return to Grace Field Arc

Ratri still believes he is safe and already won due to backup coming, however the backup was dispatched by civilians of the demon town along with Mujika, Sonju and Vylk, in an uprising against the farms. Vylk breaks into the elevator chamber and declares war on Ratri after enduring centuries of starvation and oppression by the ruling demons and humans. Vylk says they don't need the cattle children anymore since they drank Mujika's blood.

Skills and Abilities

Evil Blood

He drank Mujika's blood so like Mujika, he retains the characteristics and sapience of humans without requiring to consume them. Other demons who ingest a drop of his blood gain the same abilities and are also able to spread this unique body composition to other demons.



Demon Emma

As her grandfather, Vylk loves his granddaughter Emma very much and is worried for her safety when Norman attacks their village.




  • He is an important character who didn't appear in the manga.
  • He predicted the downfall of the demon village but was still in shock upon witnessing it.


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