The Battle Begins (開戦, Kaisen?) is the ninth volume of The Promised Neverland series.

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The search for the mysterious Minerva has led Emma to a secret room within Goldy Pond. Heeding Minerva’s clues, Emma and the other children have successfully escaped Grace Field House and survived the dangerous terrain of the outside world. But when Emma opens the door to the truth, will Minerva’s secrets be everything she’s been hoping for?


Author Notes

Wow, an anime version was announced! I can't wait for 2019!

By the way, when are you reading this book?

Of course there are those who are reading this right when it comes out, but perhaps there are those reading this after the anime has started airing.
Are there people reading after the anime has finished?
If you're from the future, let me know what you think!

By the way, 2019 is when Krone was born. I'm looking forward to reaching all the characters' birthdays slowly as we progress into the future.
— Posuka Demizu
Writer Shirai's personal highlights for The Promised Neverland fanatics, part 6!

1. Gillian's patches (the way they're drawn is amazing!)

2. The demon monkey's reactions (they're fun)

3. Emma's right hand on the cover and the left hand under the cover (the location!!)

Please enjoy this volume!

(Did you find where the "umeboshi in the shelter" is in volume 7? It's not just in chapter 58, but also in the bonus pages for volume 7!)
— Kaiu Shirai

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  • In the Viz page, was a mistake the author, Santa Harukaze instead of the original author.


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