B06-32 (B (ビー) 06-32, Bī06-32?) is the sixth volume of The Promised Neverland series.

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The children have successfully escaped Grace Field House, but their troubles are just beginning. Now up against a dangerous natural world and their demon pursuers, Emma and Ray struggle to lead the children to safety. Just when the situation is at its most dire, a mysterious girl suddenly appears. Is she there to help, or is it a demonic trap…?


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Author Notes

What if…there was no one, not even a single person, at that place?

What action would the kids take? What would they regret? What would they give up?

We say there are no that-ifs, but we do have the freedom to imagine.

Okay, we still can't take a breather, but the story continues in volume 7.
— Posuka Demizu
Writer Shirai's personal highlights for The Promised Neverland fanatics, part 5:

1. Even the sticky notes are fun on the title page for chapter 45!

2. The straw hats in chapter 47! (There are other hats hidden within the chapter too. I think there are three more hidden hats, in various styles. The correct answer is…?)

3. There are clues to future plot points in the artwork! (Where? Some of it will be clear in the next volume.)

Okay, please enjoy this volume!
— Kaiu Shirai

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Commercial Performance

Critical Response

Awards and Nominations

Volume 6 of The Promised Neverland was one of the 12 nominees of the 11th Manga Taishō Awards,[1] an award which helps to promote newly released titles in Japan, subject to no more than 8 volumes for each title. In late February, the volume only managed to garner a total of 26 points, earning the second last place.[2][3]

Later in 2018, the series as a whole won under the category of "Best Shōnen Manga" in the 63rd Shogakukan Manga Awards, one of Japan's major manga awards. The series was honored with a bronze statuette and a prize of 1 million yen (about US$9,000).[4][5]


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