Escape ( (だっ) (しゅつ) , Dasshutsu?) is the fifth volume of The Promised Neverland manga

Cover and Volume Illustration

The Cover shows Emma in her orphanage uniform and a determined look on her face. She is facing what appears to be Mom with her arms outstretched while the other orphans from Grace Field House, led by Normand Ray, attempt to make their escape. The Logo is coloured in a limish-green witha dark green outline.

The illustration shows Emma, Ray and Norman all with their bacs to each other and a seemingly depressed /somber look on their faces. In the background there appears to be Grace Field House after it had caught fire

Authors Notes

Volume Summary

As Grace Field House goes up in flames, Emma and the other children make their run for freedom. With Mom refusing to give up and an army of demons at her call, this escape from captivity won't be easy. Just what will Emma have to sacrifice to pull it off...?


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