Escape (脱出 (だっしゅつ) , Dasshutsu?) is the fifth volume of The Promised Neverland series.

Cover and Volume Illustration

Volume 5 Illustration.png

The Cover shows Emma in her orphanage uniform and a determined look on her face. She is facing what appears to be Mom with her arms outstretched while the other orphans from Grace Field House, led by Norman and Ray, attempt to make their escape. The Logo is colored in a limish-green with a dark green outline.

The illustration shows Emma, Ray, and Norman all with their bacs to each other and a seemingly depressed/somber look on their faces. In the background, there appears to be Grace Field House after it was caught on fire.

Volume Summary

As Grace Field House goes up in flames, Emma and the other children make their run for freedom. With Mom refusing to give up and an army of demons at her call, this escape from captivity won’t be easy. Just what will Emma have to sacrifice to pull it off…?


Chapter Covers

Author Notes

When you overcome a hurdle, another bigger hurdle appears.

This year I learned to do a lot of things. Which means I have a lot of goals now. Will I be able to accomplish them? It's something to look forward to!

In volume 6, the secrets of this world will begin to be revealed. Please look forward to it!

Posuka Demizu

Writer Shirai's personal highlights for The Promised Neverland fanatics, part 4:

1. This might be sudden, but I'm revealing their birthdays.
Ray → January 15
Norman → March 21
Emma → August 22

2. But Ray's real birthday is actually another date.

Okay, please enjoy the volume!

Kaiu Shirai

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Commercial Performance

Critical Response

Volume 5 is well received by critics and earned generally good reviews. The volume got an A- for its story, art and overall grade by Nick Creamer on Anime News Network. The latter described the series to be "storming through an epic transition phase", along with a neutral remark of how he "feared the manga's change in both venue and genre space might find it stepping outside of its dramatic comfort zone".[1] Eric Cline on Adventures in Poor Taste gave a 9 out of 10, commenting how the art is stellar and described the story to be "A pivotal and exciting turning point for the series. Great art and mystery elements elevate the already intriguing drama".[2] Jeremy Snow on The Geekly Grind gave the story an 8.5/10, the art a 9/10, the characters a 9.5/10 and the pacing a 9/10. Snow remarked how the volume has great world-building and character development.[3]

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