Destroy! (ブチ壊せ!!, Buchi Kowase!!?) is the third volume of The Promised Neverland series.

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In order to escape the orphanage where they are being raised as food for demons, Emma, Norman and Ray begin recruiting allies. But convincing the other children to believe them may not be an easy task.


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If you were one of the children…

  • Would you want to know the secret of Grace Field House?

  • Or would you want to live your life without knowing?

  • Or can you not decide until you read a little bit further?

    The plot thickens even more in volume 4.
  • — Posuka Demizu
    Writer Shirai's personal highlights for The Promised Neverland fanatics:

    To everyone who reads the chapter in Weekly Shonen Jump!
    Did any of you notice that Demizu Sensei secretly put HAPPY NEW YEAR in the chapter featured in issue 6?

    If you only buy the graphic novels, it might be a little small, but see if you can spot in this version.

    Search for it in chapter 21.

    Okay, please enjoy this volume!
    — Kaiu Shirai

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