Beyond Destiny (運命の向こう岸, Unmei no Mukōgishi?) is the twentieth and last volume of The Promised Neverland manga series.

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Note: This section is fan-translated, hence some information indicated might not be entirely correct.
Author Shirai's (omitted) The Promised Neverland maniac highlights~ 13!
1. This isn't just "the final omelet", it's "the secret salted konbu!"
2. The name of the girl in panels 5-6 from 170 is Lucy.
3. Actually, since their time in the shelter, everybody got their haircut made by Gillian. (and then even Nat!)
The Promised Neverland and I are both here thanks to the miracle of having Demizu-sensei.
And that's it, this is the last volume of the story. I hope you will enjoy it~

Kaiu Shirai

Volume 20... How was it? Thank you for staying with us through the four years of serialization. There are still the anime, the movie, and short stories, so please look forward to the neverending-neverland!
AAnd, lastly, Shirai-sensei! I'm truly glad that I could accomplish such a great task alongside you! If I were alone, I wouldn't be here now. It was four miraculous years.
I'll be giving my best a bit longer for creating more manuscripts now.
Well, then, everyone, let's meet again, somewhere else!

Posuka Demizu

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