Perfect Scores (満点, Manten?) is the nineteenth volume of The Promised Neverland manga series.

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Note: This section is fan-translated, hence some information indicated might not be entirely correct.
Author Shirai's TPN maniac highlights!
In the fourth panel of page 72 from this volume, a certain woman's name was revealed for the first time. But the truth is, that name already appeared back in volume 3!
Have you noticed...? The hint is—’letter’!
Well then, I hope everyone enjoys this volume as well!

Kaiu Shirai

Have you all enjoyed volume 19?
Release of this volume was delayed by a month, I'm thankful to everyone for waiting so patiently.
Isabella has turned 33 from 31. Although physique didn't change much compared to Emma and all, her status has risen and lifestyle has changed. So I wished to draw her with more dignity and beauty.
The 20th volume is going to be the final volume of the main story. Let's meet there again, for one last time!

Posuka Demizu

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