Never Be Alone (Never (ネバー) Be (ビー) Alone (アローン) , Nebā Bī Arōn?) is the eighteenth volume of The Promised Neverland manga series.

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Note: This section is fan-translated, hence some information indicated might not be entirely correct.
Author Shirai's TPN maniac ~ 6!
While naming demons, the emphasis was more on pronunciation that the meaning. So, whenever I hear impressions such as "Legravalima is a name that should've been very difficult to remember yet somehow it's always at the tip of my tongue." It makes me very happy.
For demon names I search for sounds that are as unfamiliar as possible from my mind.
Now please enjoy this volume too~
— Kaiu Shirai
What do you think of volume 18?
In the cover, the logo is vertical for the first time. it was an unprecedented challenge! In the next volumes, we plan on trying out various things with the cover too! Stay tuned for the future volumes!
By the way to the readers, do you read books physically or digitally?
I recently bought a Kindle version of One Piece like an adult. It's convenient because you can read it on your smartphone anytime. Physical copies are good as so are Ebooks. I sometimes wonder which version to buy. When you're sending it though, you can just buy both? That's what being an adult means!
See you in volume 19!
— Posuka Demizu

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