The Imperial Capital Battle (王都決戦, Ōto Kessen?) is the seventeenth volume of The Promised Neverland manga series.

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Note: This section is fan-translated, hence some information indicated might not be entirely correct.
TPN maniac anecdote~5!
I really like the art in page 143. So cool...! The phrase "her majesty the Queen trampling the squad" crossed my mind as I was seeing it. If the Queen steps on me I will no doubt die instantly. Not that I'd want to be stepped on. The captain of the squad would most probably be Yverk.
This volume has a lot of demons in it. All sorts of demons have come out.
What exactly is a demon? Do we really know about them?
I hope you enjoy this volume too!
— Kaiu Shirai
Volume 17 is finally out! How did you like the Norman vs. Queen battle?
Now, we used different screentones on the Queen which are painted especially in the hair part. As always I can always depend on Z-san, one of our staff, for the more intense tones. I met Z-san from Pixiv (SNS). I've known him for 5 years now and yet he is a friend whose face I still don't know.
I'm unsure if we will meet in the future but I realized that one should cherish all human relationships, whether it's online or not.
Also, Norman and Emma's human relationship will continue to develop into something worrisome.
The next volume which is 18 will be released in March 2020. Please look forward to that~!
— Posuka Demizu

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