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Lost Boy (Lost (ロスト) Boy (ボーイ) , Rosuto Bōi?) is the sixteenth volume of The Promised Neverland manga series.

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Note: This section is fan-translated, hence some information indicated might not be entirely correct.
TPN maniac highlights~ 12!
1. Taking your trash home! (As expected of Mama Isabella's cute children!)
2. Yukgaejung soup!! (It's all I see! Again and again!)
There aren't many demons that can use the demon language now, but what about them?
Well then, I hope you enjoy this volume~
— Kaiu Shirai
What do you think of volume 16?
Ayshe finally made an appearance and I have been looking forward to this character reveal ever since.
The live-action movie has also been announced! Just now I got some production documents about the demons and I was surprised at how real they looked!
I've already made a 3D model for them but after discussing the particulars about their ghastly forms, it seems like I have to work on strengthening their shape and texture for the quality. They also asked me about demon food and such.
I wonder how it will turn out~??
Please check it out!!!
— Posuka Demizu

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