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We’ll kill them. And all of us who survived until now will run away from this hunting ground. You might be thinking… “Why the next hunt? Why didn’t you do something at today’s hunt?” But let’s avenge them. Your family and mine.Violet to Theo in "Unyielding Reed"

Violet (バイオレット, Baioretto?) is a 13-year-old orphan from the Grand Valley orphanage. She was transferred to the Goldy Pond hunting ground as potential prey, where she witnessed the death of her family by the hands of the Poachers. Determined for vengeance, Violet joined the Goldy Pond Resistance, where she ended up taking the role of a lookout. She is also the first person to encounter Emma at Goldy Pond.


Violet grew up in the Grand Valley orphanage just like almost all other children in Goldy Pond. Sometime in the past, she was moved over to Goldy Pond by Leuvis to be hunted on. There she met Lucas, a survivor of multiple hunts, and became his agent. Because of him, she learned the truth of the two worlds, the demons, the promise and so on. Lucas began training her and made her into his agent who later joined the Goldy Pond Resistance. Since joining the resistance movement, she appears to have survived all the demon hunts without getting any serious injury.


Violet has a plain face with a violet pixie haircut with violet eyes. She is often mistaken as a boy like Emma thought when she first met her. Emma was even seen shocked when Violet told Emma her name, suggesting she is a girl, this made Nigel laugh. She has slightly long eyelashes and is in her mid-teens. Violet turned out to be an orphan and has the number DIV332-19 on her chest.[4] She is always seen wearing a Band-Aid on her right cheek. She wears camouflage clothing like her long army colored jacket that is covered in dirt along with her with pants.


Violet appears to be a plain girl who cares deeply about the well being of her comrades. She also appears to be very loyal to the leader of the Goldy Pond Resistance, Oliver who she has a lot of respect for. She even went as far to take his orders to bring Emma to him, so seriously that she followed her everywhere around, even going as far as joining Emma in helping Theo, Monica, and Jake escape the poachers. Violet can become quite harsh and aggressive towards other people.


Search For Minerva Arc

Violet calling Emma an 'Idiot' for running away

A girl who has arrived in Goldy Pond prior to Emma. She is aware of Demon hunt game, unlike the other children in Goldy Pond. Violet told Emma that there was someone who wanted to meet her but Emma had other plans and started helping other children instead of going with Violet. However, violet stated, that if needed to, she will drag Emma away to safety by force. This did not shake Emma, she started fighting against the Poachers to protect three children she found. This made Violet decide to drag Emma away by force, but Emma still threw an axe to a demon, before heading off with the children and Violet. After a while, Violet and Emma heard that two of the three children died at the hands of Grand Duke Leuvis, seemingly upsetting Emma. Violet stated that that's the way how things go around here. That there always someone has to die. Having said this, Violet told her that there is someone who wants to meet Emma, on which she agrees on following Violet to this person.[5]

Violet showing Emma her number and introduces her comrades to her

Violet takes Emma to a windmill, inside the windmill, they meet Adam who serves as a gatekeeper for the windmill. Heading further inside, eight teenagers are waiting for Emma's arrival. Violet starts introducing all of them to Emma, Violet even introduces herself to Emma, shocking her that Violet turns out to be a girl. Violet ends with introducing Oliver, who turned out to be the leader of the Goldy Pond Resistance movement and the one who wanted to speak with Emma. Violet also talks about how they know the truth about everything and shows Emma the number on her chest, implying that Violet used to be an orphan as well, which she later confirmed. While Emma thought it was Oliver who wanted to meet her, a man walked into the room and Violet said that there was someone who wanted to meet her. This man then turned out to be Lucas.[6]

Sometime later the next day; Violet scolds Theo and tells him to eat, change clothes, and reminds him of the fight.[7]


Goldy Pond Battle Arc

Violet fought along Sandy, Sonya and Paula against Nous and Nouma. Violet and Paule were able to snipe Nouma down when Sonya broke her mask.

Skills and Abilities


  • The following are Violet's rankings in some of The Promised Neverland's official popularity polls.
    • In Shounen Jump's popularity poll results announced in Chapter 88, Violet is in 17th place.
    • In Shounen Jump's 2nd popularity poll results announced in Chapter 102, Violet is in 20th place with a total of 205 votes.
  • Violet the most agile of the scouting regiment.
  • Violet assumed to be a tomboy because her pronouns are masculine.
  • Her favorite food is pickles.[3]
  • Violet was the one who wrote "use your pen" on Emma's palm when she arrived to Goldy Pond.[3]


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