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Vincent (ヴィンセント, Vinsento?) is a major character during the Cuvitidala Arc of the The Promised Neverland series. He is an underling and loyal ally of Norman. He was born and raised at Glory Bell before being shipped out to Lambda 7214.


Vincent is a tall young man with dark skin. He is bald with stitches forming a plus sign across the top of his head. The stitches are a result of the experiments done on him at Lambda 7214. Vincent also has light eyebrows and wears thin-framed glasses.

He is almost always seen wearing neat formal clothing. As one of the more fashionable characters, Vincent is seen wearing multiple outfits that usually consist of a dark vest over-top a collared shirt and tie, with dark pants to match.


Vincent has an easy-going nature, especially around the kids; he is always happy whenever he is around them. He is shown to be extremely intelligent and particularly fond of science and medicine.

Despite his demeanor around the kids, it is shown that Vincent can be mature and serious when needed. He knows when and how to ask the right questions. When performing a task under Norman's orders, he is generally calm, collected,[3] and determined to a fault.[4] However, under stressful circumstances his calm facade can break, but he never forgets his goal.[5]


King of Paradise Arc

On October 2047, Vincent walks the corridor of a factory farm after he, along with Zazie, Cislo, and Barbara, exterminated the farm demons within. The team soon enters the room where some of the cattle children were stored, and Vincent tells the team's leader that the farm security has been destroyed. Vincent acknowledges how nice and unassuming the exterior of the farm is compared to the horrors within. Unable to save the cattle children, the group leaves the farm and Vincent lights a match to burn it down.[6]

When the children from Grace Field and Goldy Pond arrive at the Paradise Hideout with Jin and Hayato, Vincent leads Paula, Sandy, and Anna to a medical room to treat Chris and Dominic. While explaining what happened after he left Grace Field, Norman reveals that he and Vincent secretly communicated with each other in Lambda 7214 by hiding notes inside a cube.[7]

The next day, Vincent goes to Norman's office. The two return to business and discuss their plan, after which Vincent leaves to deliver a letter per Norman's request.[8]

Later, Emma and Ray enter Norman's office, where they were instead greeted by Vincent, Cislo, and Barbara. Vincent briefly explains who the two escapees are, then he proceeds to watch Barbara and Cislo intimidate and childishly compete with Emma and Ray, telling them to go along with his teammates' antics. Emma and Ray end up telling the group stories about Norman, which Vincent thoroughly enjoys and thanks them for sharing.[9]

Skills and Abilities


It is shown Vincent can fight demons with just his fists. [10]


Vincent seem to be very smart in both combat and using medical knowledge to help out in the infirmary. He also is shown to have a large vocabulary.[11]


Vincent is very fashionable and handy, able to make a variety of clothing, weaponry, and foods.[12]



Vincent first met Norman in Lambda 7214 after the two began sending each other messages by hiding small pieces of paper inside a cube.[7] After Norman planned and executed the Lambda escape, Vincent began working for him and calling him "Boss". Much like the other children from Lambda, he thanks Norman for saving his life and is very loyal towards him, even comparing him to a god.

Unlike the other children, Vincent appears to have a particular admiration of Norman, as shown by his secret "Boss room".[13] He even gives his owls names that form an acrostic of the word "boss".[14]

Barbara and Cislo

As part of the group that Norman had helped escape the experimentation farm, Vincent has kept a close friendship with his accomplices. Though they disagree and argue sometimes, they are always ready to leap into action to help each other.


Vincent has a close friendship with Zazie similar to his relationship with Barbara and Cislo. When the two were first getting acquainted, Vincent made a small plush tiger for Zazie in response to Zazie acting hostile towards him. Upon seeing that the tiger resembled Vincent, Zazie took the plush toy and now he always has it on him. After this exchange, Vincent explained to Norman that, despite Zazie's hostility, he "can't hate him for some reason."[15]


Thoma and Lani

While exploring the Paradise Hideout, Thoma and Lani find Vincent in his secret owl room. While Vincent is happily showing them around and introducing them to the owls, Thoma and Lani notice a side door that leads to Vincent's secret "Boss room".[16] Vincent, embarrassed, asks Thoma and Lani to keep it a secret and they agree. Vincent also allows them to visit the owl room whenever they want.[17]



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