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A Vida is a vampiric plant used by the Demons to extend the shelf life of any meat it's used on, which functions by absorbing the blood.

The name of the plant, Vida, is revealed by Sonju, who also explained how the plant doubles as the subject of the Gupna ritual for demons as their way of dedicating the meal to their god (possibly, DemonKing Name.png).[1]


Introduction Arc

A Vida was first seen on Conny's chest, as it had already absorbed her blood and took her life away. The pale appearance it had left on Conny's face frightened Emma and Norman, who were searching for her at that time.[2][3]

During one night, Norman has a nightmare during his sleep. He dreamt of seeing all of his beloved siblings lying dead on a puddle of water, each with a Vida impaled into their chest.[4][5]

Jailbreak Arc

A Vida blossomed on top of an already deceased Krone.

A demon lurked out of the shadows and approached Krone, as it grabbed the latter and stabbed her with a Vida under Grandmother's orders. As the Vida slowly sucked her life away, it turned blood red in color as it blossomed, leaving a pale-looking, deceased Krone underneath it.[6][7]

Promised Forest Arc

When Emma went hunting in the forest with Sonju, she managed to shoot down a bird. Sonju gave Emma a Vida to use to perform a ritual known as Gupna on the bird. Emma was shocked upon seeing the flower, as she remembered how it is the same type of flower which she and Norman saw on top of Conny's corpse a few months back. Sonju persuaded her to use the Vida, Emma soon proceeded to stab the bird, as the flower bloomed after absorbing its blood.[8]}}


A Vida bloomed as it took away the life of its victim.

The flower has an appearance similar to an ordinary flower. It has a sharp stem, with several branches that give rise to several leaves. The petals are initially white in color and closed, and would bloom and become blood-red in color after absorbing the blood of its victim.[9]


The Vida turns its prey pale in appearance as it kills it.

The Vida can only suck the blood of its victim if it is stabbed into the body and in contact with blood, which is most likely the reason why the roots are cut off and left with the stem, which makes it easier for it to impale the victim and absorb the blood. After it has absorbed the victim's blood, the victim will die and turn pale in appearance.


  • The Vida is very similar to a real-life flower known as Lycoris radiata, or Red Spider Lily. Both are blood red in color and grow in clusters. A Red Spider Lily's bulb is very poisonous and is commonly associated with death in Japanese legends. Red Spider Lillies are planted on graves because they show tribute to the dead, which juxtapose with the series' fictional ritual Gupna.
  • The Vida is also very similar (likely moreso than Lycoris radiata) to a real-life flower known as Hydrangea macrophylla. Both grow their flowers in clusters, and certain cultivars of Hydrangea also sport 4 petals per flower like the Vida does. Hydrangeas comes in multiple color varieties, such as blue, red, pink, light purple, or dark purple. The color of a Hydrangea's flowers are affected by the pH of the soil that the plant is grown in, which shows a parallel with the Vida changing color when it absorbs blood.
  • In Portuguese and Spanish, Vida means "life", which is ironic, since the plant takes away the life of its host.
  • The Vida plant is also visible on both Japanese and English versions of the series' logo.
    • Japanese logo: The Vida can be spotted on top of the Kanji 束.
    • English logo: The Vida can be spotted within the letter O of the word "PrOmised".


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