A Vida is a vampiric plant used to extend the shelf life of a meat which functions by absorbing the blood. This also doubles as a main subject of ritual for demon descents as their way of dedicating the meal to their god (possibly, DemonKing Name).[1]


The flower has a similar appearance to an ordinary flower. It has a sharp stem, with several branches that give rise to several leaves. The petals are initially white in color and closed, and would bloom and become blood red in color after absorbing the blood of its victim.[2]


This plant was first seen in Chapter 1, being the same flower stuck at Conny's corpse before it was offered to a demon's tea party. The same flower was also seen at Krone's corpse.


  • In portuguese vida means life.
  • The Vida plant is also visible on both the Japanese and English versions of the series' logo.
    • Japanese logo: The Vida can be spotted on top of the word 束.
    • English logo: The Vida can be spotted within the letter O of the word "PrOmised".


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