• Bad ads
  • SJW propaganda

Ads are annoying and we can all agree that they deserve a kick in the d**k. Wikia is full of such pointless ads, some are clickbaits, some are SJW propoganda, some have unmarked spoilers and all are cancer.

There was one time where there are ads on Russian dating sites, I'm not kidding.

To solve this issue, add the followin code into your personal CSS page here.

/* Remove Ads */
.WikiaRail #recirculation-rail {
    display: none;
section.recirculation-rail.module {
#TOP_LEADERBOARD { display:none !important; }


  1. You will not only see zero ads here on The Promised Neverland Wiki, but also any other wikis you visit.
  2. Pages will take shorter time to load. As ads normally make most pages slow and laggy, even if you have strong Wifi.


  1. Ads that you might be interested in will no longer show.