"If it's you.If it's you all.You'll change the world"

— Mister


I love the promised neverland. It's just beautiful the story and the art work.

My Favorite Characters

  • Emma, Ray, & Norman
  • Phil
  • Don & Gilda
  • The Gracefield escapees
  • Isabella & Sister Krone
  • Mister
  • Lucas
  • All of the Goldy Pond Escapees
  • Mr. Minerva

My Least Favorite Characters

  • The demons
  • The evil side of the Ratari clan
  • Grandma
  • The other moms

My Favourite Story Arcs

  • Search for Minerva Arc

My favorite volume

  • My favorite volume is volume seven because that's when the children finally reach the shelter and meet mister.

What I like about the series

  • The story line
  • The artwork
  • The characters
  • Everything
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