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Unnamed Demon
• Characteristics •
 Race Demon
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 Affiliation Demons
 Status Alive
• Debuts •
 Manga Chapter 1

Unnamed Demon is a demon and an antagonist of The Promised Neverland. He works on the check and dispatch of human flesh that comes from the farms, as well as the babies that are sent to them.


The demon is of tall stature, but much smaller than the "devils" that accompanied him. He has a removable white skull elongated and tuned at the tip, two eyes that stand upright, and two horns coming out of it. From his skull, two shapes come out that are similar to tentacles. He has skeletal hands with long fingernails and wears a black cloak that covers his whole body, leaving only his head and hands to show.



Introduction Arc

In the penultimate 2045 shipment from Plant 3, he, along with two other demons, went to Plant 3 and "picked" Conny, where he comments with unsatisfaction that she was a 6-year-old. He makes it clear that the next shipments would be of quality. Before leaving with the other demons, he finds Little Bernie under the truck, handing him over to Mama and ordering her to throw it away. The demons then leave. Days later, he was present at a meeting with several other demons as they discussed DemonKing Name.

Jailbreak Arc

Three months after Conny's dispatch, Isabella informs Headquarters that an escape was taking place, asking them to trigger the alarm, which they did. He formed a group of demons and tells them to kill any child who is not exceptional and capture the rest.


Although the demon has had few appearances, it is seen he has a great sense of smell, detecting Little Bernie through his scent when neither of the demons accompanying him could.



  • He is often used in the series as a representation of the demons in general, being present whenever something is revealed / mentioned about them.
  • He is the smallest of the "demons" presented, being almost the size of Isabella.



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