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The Transmitter-crippling device is a device invented by Ray, which he planned to use to disable the transmitter's signal. The device made its debut in Chapter 28 of the The Promised Neverland series.


Jailbreak Arc

When Norman and Ray visited an injured Emma in their orphanage's infirmary, Ray gave Norman the transmitter-crippling device he has made and instructed him to use it to disable the transmitter in his ear in order for him to escape Grace Field by himself without the transmitter's disturbance. Ray revealed how the device he made is created using parts of the gifts he has received from Isabella over the past couple of years, such as the instant camera he got from her a few days ago.[1]

Transmitter-crippling device activated

Norman activated the device.

Norman placed the device into his pocket as he proceeded to climb up the wall using a bundle of ropes. But due to the steep cliff which lies behind the walls, he could not use the device. He then went back to Grace Field, returning the device back to Ray.   Before Norman departs from Grace Field, Emma leapt into Norman's arms and attempted to cripple his transmitter using the device as she told him to run while she distracts Isabella. Emma's plan failed as Norman prevented her from doing so, calling her a reckless person. In the end, the device was once again unused.


A few days before Norman's shipping date, Ray gave him the transmitter-crippling device he created and adviced him to use it to aid his escape. Ray commented on how he created it out of parts of the gifts he has been receiving from Isabella over the past 5 years of being her spy.

The device's usage

Ray explaining how the device can be used. Norman recalls all the gifts Ray received from Isabella which made up the device.

Several noticeable gifts Ray has assembled to make it are an iPod, a nutcracker, a toy tank, a radio, a handheld console and the instant camera's strobe. Ray also explained how it can be used by placing it near the back of the ear where the transmitters are implemented, the device will cripple the transmitter and prevent Isabella's radar from receiving its signal.[2]

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