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Hiding spoilers is a crucial yet tedious job for us Administrators on the Wiki. But with the help from you, we can hide and censor all the Manga spoilers for the sake of Anime-only fans. All you need to do is to hide spoilers you spot using the following.

General Spoilers

With the use of this template:

{{Spoiler Section|Text = Conny is demon food. RIP.}}

Spoilers will be hidden and look like this:

This Manga spoiler has not been adapted into the Anime yet. The solid lines mark the beginning and end of the spoiler.

Conny is demon food. RIP.

Spoilers will only show if the "Expand" button is clicked. Hiding spoiler-y images, quotes, videos etc. within the above template is also possible.

Infobox Spoilers

Since the spoiler-hiding template could not fit inside the Infoboxes, we encourage you to use this instead:

Copy the following:

<span class="spoilerblur">Stuff animals are evil.</span>

Which will give:
Stuff animals are evil.

As you might have already figured out, the spoiler will only show if you hover or simply click on the blurred text.


Spot a bug? Still have issues trying to use them properly? Please contact an Administrator for help.