Emma and others
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General Rules

  • No use of vulgarities and racial slurs. If you really cannot help yourself, censor them with astericks (*).
  • No advertising of websites, items for sale, and one's personal content/website/social media (However, one can do so on his/her own profile page.)
  • No spamming, no posting of repetitive/ duplicated blog posts or articles or comments.
  • Sensitive/Controversial topics like racism, misogyny, religion, terrorism, one's political views etc. are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED. Discussing about such topics will result in an IMMEDIATE BAN of your account.
  • Do not upload any content (videos, images etc.) which contains gore, nudity, violence or pornography. Infringing of copyright material is also strictly prohibited.
  • Strictly no vandalism of articles or another user's profile page.
  • If you do not agree with another person's opinion, or you find an action/comment done by a user as offensive, DO NOT argue back, report to an admin to help you deal with that person. (We can block them if you wished to. :D )
  • No sockpuppetry or additional accounts which are used for mischief.
  • Do not create a discussion or blog post which got little to no relations to The Promised Neverland. Mentioning them is alright, but creating them as the sole purpose of the discussion/blog post is not allowed.
  • One-time used images are STRICTLY not allowed in discussions (Example: Emojis, memes).

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