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Here is the list of Special chapters of The Promised Neverland

Special Chapters

Title Release Date Summary Cover
The First Shot
(始まりの一矢 Hajimari no Isshi)
October 4, 2020 Ray found out the truth about Grace Field House. He sadly watched as his siblings could be shipped out. He wanted to run away with only Emma and Norman
The First Shot.png
Seeking the Sky of Freedom
(自由の空を求めて Jijyuu no Sora wo Motomete)
Dec 7, 2020 Krone is with her best friend Cecile again after 2 years. They plan how they can escape but Cecile betrays Krone.
Seeking the Sky of Freedom JP.png
A Mother's Determination
(母の決意 Haha no Ketsui)
Dec 14, 2020 Shortly after the Grace Field Children escaped their "orphanage" , Demons decided to keep Isabella alive and gave her the position of Grandma.
A Mother's Determination.png
We Were Born
(私たちは生まれました Watashitachi wa Umaremashita)
January 4, 2021 Leo is a gangster who was saved by Rita from death. Rita is a young girl who was about to sacrifice herself for Margo to be saved, but Leo saved Rita from dying.
We Were Born.png
Dreams Come True
(夢が叶う Yumegakanau)
September 3, 2021 The Grace Field kids live happily in the human world as they fulfil their dreams by visiting different attractions throughout the human world.
Dreams Come True.png

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