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Sonya, Sandy, Violet, & Paula vs Nous & Nouma is the battle shown in The Promised Neverland. This is the battle between Sonya and Sandy with the help of Violet and Paula and a poachers Nous and Nouma. This battle took place at Goldy Pond.


Sonya and Sandy competed against Nous and Nouma. With the help of Violet and Paula Nouma died but they did not able to kill Nous. But he was killed by Mister.


Sandy and Sonya are shotting Nous and Nouma. They are helping each other to evade the 2 demons. The two demons were happy because they think the cattle children want to play tag with them. They just play along without killing them. They say that 2 kids will not win. Nous cut Sandy's gun. Sandy and Sonya ran away from them. The two hid behind a tree. They guard 2 demons if they get easily trapped made by the kids. Sandy and Sonya have to hit the demons' eyes for them to die.[1]

The 2 demons tried to break the trap made for them and suddenly the other traps came out. When Sandy and Sonya meet Noum and Nouma. They shot their faces and Nous and Nouma's mask was removed. But, Nouma grabbed Sonya and strangled her. With the help of snipers Violet and Paula. They hit Nouma in the eye and she died.[2]

Nous ate Nouma when he killed Nouma. Paula shot Nous but did not hit him. Nous threw his spear at Violet and Paula[3]and it hit Paula. Nous mercilessly hurt Sonya. Nous grabbed Sandy's head and Nous mercilessly hurt him. Violet hid and Ray and Mister saw her,[4] Violet told what happened. Mister shot Nous in the eye and he died.


Violet asks how Mister was able to kill Nous. "That's what a sniper does" Mister said.[5] Sonya, Sandy, & Paula sustained serious injuries but they are alive.


  • Demons can eat their own fellow species.


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