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Sonya (ソーニヤ, Sōniya?) is an orphan from the Grand Valley orphanage and a former member of the Goldy Pond Resistance, where she acted as the Second-in-Command.


Sonya was born in 2029, and she was sent to the Grand Valley orphanage a year later in 2030, growing up along with several other children.


Sonya wears glasses and has blue hair done up in pigtails with freckles on her face. A year later she has her blue hair down and has removed her glasses.


Sonya is a calm and cool-headed girl. She thinks logically, makes plans, and doesn't hesitate to order others around.

One could say she's a contrast to Oliver's more impulsive demeanor.


Search For Minerva Arc

When Sonya learned about the Human World, she adjusted the plans to include Emma.[3]

She tells how others were hunted to get information on demons to prepare to fight as they agree.[4]

Goldy Pond Battle Arc

Sonya fights Nouma and Nous along with Paula and Sandy. Even though Sonya gets caught, Paula shoots Nouma and frees Sonya. The squad eventually successfully kill Nouma, but Nous devours her and absorbs her being; this results in grave injuries to Sonya and Paula, while Sandy is horribly beaten.[5] However, all three of them survive the battle.

Cuvitidala Arc

Skills and Abilities


It is known that Sonya is skilled at compiling data and use them in strategy to fight the demons.


  • Sonya is good at making mental calculations.[1]


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