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The man who was addressed by his alias Smee, is a minor character of The Promised Neverland. Smee is a friend of Norman and a former ally of the Demons, who he eventually turned his back on. According to Norman, Smee was killed in a purge orchestrated by Peter Ratri.[1]


An unknown figure read Krone's note, whom later turned out to be Smee.

Sometime before 2032, when Krone was still an orphan in Grace Field House, she one day released a lantern into the sky with her friends, what was attached to the lantern was a note written by Krone, asking the receiver what the outside world is like. After the lantern's fire ceased and fell onto the ground somewhere outside Grace Field, an unknown figure picked up the note and read its content, when he understands how it was from one of the children (Krone), he called the note interesting.

The unknown figure who read Krone's letter turned out to be Smee; this is proven true as how the figure was shown to wear circular glasses and a labcoat, and how it would be logical why Smee would purposely drop the pen for Krone, choosing her as the next user of the pen and entrusting her to make use of the pen's abilities (which she did not manage to find out).

During Krone's training days as a caretaker, Smee purposefully dropped his pen along a hallway after talking to a demon who worked in the plantations in order for Krone to claim it.[2][3]

A few years later, when Norman was held in Λ7214, Smee lent the latter help as they sought to destroy Λ7214, though the two succeeded in doing so, Smee died in the end during a purge orchestrated by Peter Ratri. During the time when Smee was still alive, he disclosed information about his network to Norman. In the end, Norman took over his network and has lived in there ever since.[4]


Not much is known about Smee's physical appearance, but Smee was shown in Krone's flashback to be a young man of slender build with light-colored hair which is similar to Norman's, he donned a pair of large, circular glasses and is seen wearing a labotory coat and dark-colored pants.



Smee introduced himself as a supporter of William Minerva to Norman. Eventually, Smee became an ally of Norman and played a major role in helping the boy escape Λ7214.



  • Smee is the third character in the series who is shown to be left-handed, the first being Norman and the second being Leslie.
  • Smee is likely named after Mr. Smee, Captain Hook's boatswain from J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan.


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