Shelter B06-32 was an underground shelter in the demon world. It could only be opened with a Promised Pen. The shelter was built at least 13 years ago by William Minerva and was kept operational by Mister, who made the Shelter his home for the past 13 years. The shelter had fully furnished rooms, running electricity, a lot of (dried) food and water to stay alive for the next couple of years. There was on top of that also a lot of information left behind about the world in the library that was located in the shelter.

The shelter also had a self-destruct system which the children used to blackmail Mister to help them find William Minerva at the Goldy Pond.[1]

The shelter was destroyed by Lucas when he shot a gas cylinder, resulting in a huge explosion in an attempt to save the children from Andrew's ambush.

Former Inhabitants


  • Monitor/Control Room
  • Living Area
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Multiple Bedrooms
  • Bathroom and Toilets
  • Vegetable Garden
  • Underground Water Reservoir
  • Library
  • Archive Room
  • Commission Room
  • Hidden Weapons Room[2]

Former Temporary Inhabitants

  • William Minerva
  • Numerous Glory Bell escapees:
    • Dina (Deceased)
    • Maria (Deceased)
    • Erica (Deceased)
    • Damian (Deceased)
    • Nicolas (Deceased)
    • Viviana (Deceased)
    • Abel (Deceased)
    • Pedro (Deceased)
    • Jatte (Deceased)
    • Mike (Deceased)
    • John (Deceased)



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