Search For Minerva Arc
Chapter 53
 Romaji Mineruba aaku wo kensakushi masu
 Manga Chapter(s) Chapter 53- Chapter 101
 Beginning February 18, 2018
 End August 30, 2018
Promised Forest Arc
Culvitidala Arc
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The Search For Minerva Arc is the fourth story arc in The Promised Neverland series.

Emma, Ray, and the rest of the kids have left the forest and are now traveling to locate the whereabouts of William Minerva.


This ark starts when Emma, Ray and Yugo leave the hideout in search of Goldy Pond. After a 4 day journy Emma gets captured by poachers lead by the demon archduke Leuvis.

When the demons start their hunt for children emma saves three kids by the names of Theo, Monica, and Jake. After they run away however Monica and Jake die leaving the youngest brother Theo alive with a bloody axe. Emma finds Theo alone and he explains what happened. 

After that Emma joins with some older kids with guns and Adam, the giant who only says Normans number, and one armed Lucas. 

Lucas and Emma go into a secret passage created by Mr.Minerva. It is opened remotly by Mr. Minerva's pen there they find a broken floating elevator on a golden pond, that leads to the human world. They can't ride it however because it is broken. A phone rings where a recording of the real Minerva where he explains the way out, that this was onece one of his bases, the promise, and the Seven walls. 

Afterwards we get a chapter of explanation of what Norman is up to. After he got actualy adopted by the Ratri clan. The new faciltiy is where he is being held where they do experiments on children. 

The kids with Emma's help plan to kill all the deamons with guns and there years of planing. The other kids are much older but because Emma is from Gracefield she is targeted the most. Once the deamos find out that she is from Gracefield the next day they hunt again earlier than planed. 

The battle ensues where the kids must break the deamons masks then shoot their heads. However this is super difficult because Demons move at supersonic speeds and can react to bullets and Archduke Leuvis caches a whole group of machine gun bullets by himself. 

With the use of ambushes, electrisity, the super pistol, and Emmas shonen main charicter will to take two stabs from an angry demon in the abdomen and get back up. Oh and Adam throws a brick wall at Leuvis. They defeat Leuvis his minions. Afterwards they blow up the whole place and leave with 50 extra kids who were also being hunted.  

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