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Scarlet (スカーレット, Skāretto) is a character in the special pilot chapter A Mother's Determination. Born and raised on an unknown plantation at Grace Field House, Scarlet now works as a sister at Grace Field Headquarters.


A young Scarlet

She has short dark hair and eyes. She wore the standard orphanage uniform made for the plantations' Sisters, which consists of a black dress with a white blouse underneath it and a white apron over it


She is said to be once affectionate but when she turned 12, her boundaries changed, her specialties are her swiftness and the ability to closing off her emotions, refusing to be attached helped her climbing up in a position of a sister



She is shown to be saying that it is an honor working under her but then burst in anger saying that it was unfair for her to be alive after the four's hardwork in aiming to become a Grandma, even though she hates Isabella she is shown to believe in her and at the end she has lost all the hatred towards her and is grateful towards her for standing up and destroying the farms.




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