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Gang or not, if there's someone dying in front of you, You save that person. It's common sense .Rita to Leo in "We Were Born".

Rita (リタ) is the main female protagonist of the special pilot chapter We Were Born. Rita is a young orphan girl who was abandoned in front of a church when she was a baby and because of that she tries to be useful to others. She was saved by Leo from dying.


Rita is a little young girl. She has straight and short blonde hair. She was wearing a black uniform and red skirt.


Rita is a good child. He showed his kindness to Leo even though he was a gang She was not afraid of him because Leo was already on the brink of death.


A long time ago, there is a civil war. Leo and his group are fighting and his group lost. Leo was shot and fainted but the girl named Rita saved him and she brought him at the church. Leo woke up in the church and he saw a girl and he pointed a gun at her and they introduced each other. But Leo wonders why Rita is calm and he told him that he is a gang but Rita but Rita doesn't care who she saves because more importantly she saved Leo. The Father came and he told Rita that Mr. Mendel is there and he is waiting downstairs.

Mr. Mendel shows the picture of her daughter named Margo to Rita and he told her that she is the new sister of Margo. He told that, she was born with a condition and Rita said she will do anything to help. Mr. Mendel told to the father that Rita is a good girl and and he told the way for Margo to be healed. He said Rita is the only hope! and Rita heard what Mr. Mendel told to the Father. Father saw Rita in front of the door and he knew that she was listening He told him that if she will die, Margo will be saved. He said to her that it is her last night to live to be alive. Leo went up stairs and Leo thank her and Rita asked Leo "Why do you think I was born to this world?

He came back to Rita and he told her that he is going to leave not going to take revenge and Rita said she wants to live to. They went to the home where Rita's family is. Leo tried to save Rita and he succeeded.



Rita saves Leo from death. At first the two of them didn't get along well because Leo is a gang but Rita wasn't afraid of him because he doesn't care if Leo is a gang oh not the important thing he saved his life. Because of this, when Leo found out that Father was only using Rita for money. and when he found out that Rita would die because of Father and Mr. Mendel. He also saved Rita from death.


He has taken care of Rita since she was a child. But it also came from him that Rita is a tool from the beginning. It shows that he is just using Rita for money and the love he is showing is fake.


  • The name "Rita" is primarily a female name of Spanish origin that means "Pearl." It is also a short form of "Margarita."