"Twelve years. I'm a feast that they've been waiting for. I'm going to take that away from them tonight. Right before the harvest they've been looking forward for. Don't think you can eat me. Don't think you can serve me. Food? I don't give a crap! I'm a human being! Serves them right!"

Ray to Emma in "140146"


Little Ray Anime

Young Ray Anime

13 year old Ray

12 year old Ray

11 year old Ray

Toddler Ray

 Kanji レイ
 Rōmaji Rei
 Alias Sleepyhead (by Mister; formerly)
• Characteristics •
 Birthday January 15, 2034 (Not actual)[1]
 Gender Male
 Race Human
 Age 11[2]
12 (by 2046)[3]
13 (by 2047)[4]
 Hair Color Black
 Eye Color Gray
 Height 150 cm[5]
Around 170 cm (2047)[6]
• Professional Information •
 Affiliation The Paradise Hideout
 Prev. Affiliation Grace Field (Escaped)
Shelter B06-32 (Escaped)
 Farm Identifier 81194
 Status Alive
• Relationships •
 Relatives Isabella (Mother)[7][8]
 Allies Emma, Norman, Gilda, Don, Phil, Grace Field Escapees, Mister† , Lucas†, Mujika, Sonju, Goldy Pond Resistance members
 Enemies Isabella, the demons, KroneLeuvis , Bayon† , Nous† , Andrew
• Debuts •
 Manga Chapter 1
 Anime Episode 1
 Other Media A Letter from Norman (Spinoff-Novel)
• Portrayals •
 Japanese VA Mariya Ise[9][10]
 English VA Laura Stahl [11]

Ray (レイ, Rei?) is one of the protagonists of The Promised Neverland alongside Emma and Norman.
Initially, Ray appeared as an aloof and introverted individual who was often seen with his head buried in a book instead of socializing with the other orphans in Grace Field House. Despite his distant disposition, Ray is able to interact well with the orphans and is fiercely loyal and caring to them, particularly Emma and Norman.

Since he is one of the smartest children living in Grace Field, Ray is considered one of Grace Field House's three "Premium quality goods"[12] next to Norman and Emma. Ray is also the only orphan whose intelligence can match with Norman's.[13]

After successfully escaping Grace Field alongside Emma and 13 other orphans, Ray now seeks William Minerva, whom he believes can grant him and his friends liberty and help them find a safe and peaceful life away from the demons.


Baby Ray exported into Grace Field

Ray as a newborn while he had the farm's tracker stapled into his ear as he was sent to Grace Field.

Ray was born on January 15, 2034, from Isabella. A year after his birth, Ray was removed from his mother's hands, and a year later in 2035, he was sent to Grace Field, where he grew up with Emma, Norman and several other children.

During his time there, Ray was an introvert and preferred to read a book under a tree while the rest played.

Of the children growing up in Grace Field, Ray is the closest to Emma and Norman, as the two often sought to play and spend time with him. The two wished for Ray to socialize more and not have his head stuck in a book all the time.[14]

Ray's scar

Ray asking Isabella to be her spy ; Ray's scar which he got from getting a tracker stapled into his ear.

Ray is in the minority of people who do not suffer from childhood amnesia. Due to this, he was suspicious of his idyllic upbringing and eventually learnt about the true purpose of Grace Field and Isabella. He gradually discovered the meaning behind the litany of tests, the gates surrounding the orphanage, and the numbers on his neck.

Isabella confronts Ray

Isabella went up to Ray after hearing a familiar tune.

Ray also deduced that Isabella was actually his birth mother – a theory which was later confirmed true when Ray asked her about it on his 5th birthday.[15] After this, Ray made a trade with Isabella and became her spy, though his loyalty was never solely given to her.


Introduction Arc

Taking a litany of tests, eating scrumptious homemade food and having a good time – Ray went through the same routine every day in Grace Field, an orphanage where he lived since the day he was born. Under the loving parental care of Isabella and the companionship of Emma, Norman and the other orphans, Ray spent a pleasant childhood in Grace Field.

When the day came for Conny to be sent off to foster parents, Ray and the other orphans bade farewell to the toddler. Sometime after Conny left with Isabella, Emma found Conny's beloved stuffed toy on a tabletop in the house, Ray remarked how Conny might not have travelled far from Grace Field, and thus advised Emma to return the toy back to Conny.

Sometime later, Ray was loitering through the orphanage's hallway and noticed the saddened Emma and Norman returning, he questioned the two, and stared at them as they did not answer him.[13]

Ray choking Emma and Norman

Ray choking Emma and Norman, demanding for an explanation.

During the next few days, Emma and Norman remained silent and secretive about Conny's death and the existence of demons. Ray noticed their suspicious behaviour, as he one day followed the two to the orphanage's forest and demanded their odd behaviour for the past few days. After the two let the cat out of the bag, Ray expressed how he also suspects Isabella and the orphanage. When Emma wanted to save every single orphan, it greatly bothered Ray as he viewed her goal to be impossible to achieve. Nonetheless, he joined the two and help in figuring out a way to escape from Grace Field. The three learnt and gathered every possible information they could get about the outside world and to aid in their eventual escape.

Isabella eventually got Krone appointed as Grace Field's second caretaker (as the orphans' "Sister"), an additional obstacle for Ray, Emma and Norman to deal with. Krone tried to get in the way of the trio, much to their dismay.

Jailbreak Arc

Don punches Ray

Don punched Ray for not trusting him and Gilda.

Ray, Emma and Norman eventually recruited Don and Gilda into the team as additional help and told them about the secrets behind Grace Field, Isabella and the existence of Demons. Along the way, the five faced obstacles and issues whilst working together, such as the interference of Isabella and Krone ; suspicions of Gilda being on the enemies' side ; and Don's unhappiness towards the limited trust Ray, Norman and Emma had on him and Gilda, whom they did not tell the entirety of their plan and motives to. Ray was also the spy who worked for Isabella behind his friends' back, as figured out by Norman. When Norman questioned his motive, Ray explained how he already knew about the orphanage's secrets a long time ago, and how him serving his mother as her spy is all pre-planning for him and his friends' escape.

Ray kicked the door

After Isabella no longer have Ray as her spy, she locked the latter in the room, as Ray tried to free himself by kicking the door.

Isabella eventually cut ties with Ray and no longer have him as her spy, when Ray desperately tried to persuade her, telling her how he is still capable of being her spy, Isabella explained how she would be ceasing his friends from escaping without his help, and thus locked the latter inside an empty room, preventing him from saving Emma and the rest. As Ray struggled to free himself and save Emma and Norman before it was too late, Isabella already managed to foil their escape plan by herself by fracturing Emma's leg and prepared Norman to be shipped out.

Sad trio

Three friends consoling one another.

Isabella's success in rendering their plan useless greatly affected Ray, as he struggled to think of solutions to prevent Norman from getting shipped out as well as aiding in Emma's fractured leg. Nevertheless, his solutions were rendered useless, as Norman was unable to escape due to how outside the walls lies a steep cliff which made his escape impossible.

Norman was soon shipped out. The team and the plan began to fall apart, as Ray became depressed over the failure of the plan and the loss of his friend. Hence, Ray gave up and excluded himself from Emma, Don and Gilda and no longer aid in their escape. Months passed as the remaining four orphans resumed their daily routine in Grace Field and maintained the innocent demeanor they once had.

Promised Forest Arc

Search For Minerva Arc

Cuvitidala Arc

This Manga spoiler has not been adapted into the Anime yet. Read at your own risk!

Ray and his group infiltrated into a demon village in disguise after their search for the Golden Waters and the temple. As they walked past a group of demons in the village's market, one of the demons noticed Don's feet and informed the others. Before the demons could notice, Ray and the group rushed to the exit of the village and travelled to a forest nearby, as they saved themselves from getting caught. Afterwards, Ray and the group returned to the shelter, reuniting with Mister, Lucas and the other orphans.[16]


Ray anime preview

Anime preview of Ray.

Ray is a slim boy of average height with somewhat messy short black hair, parted to the right so that the longer, chin-length clumps on his left obscure much of his face. Around the sides, it appears to spike upwards, following the shape of his head, and he also has triangular onyx eyes with noticeably small black irises.

He wears the standard orphanage uniform- a white shirt and trousers along with plain shoes. The number "81194" is tattooed across the left side of his neck.

This Manga spoiler has not been adapted into the Anime yet. Read at your own risk!

In 2047, Ray stopped wearing the standard uniform when he arrived at the shelter where he found new clothes. He began wearing long, black pants, a black shirt, and a long white-colored coat together with the old brown shoes he wore at the Grace Field House. Now at the age of 13, Ray has also grown much taller and is now around the same height as his mother, Isabella, whose height is 170 cm.[17]


Ray appears to be rather aloof, introverted and snarky, as he often excludes himself from playing with the other orphans and prefers to read a book instead. However, he is able to interact well with his fellow siblings and loves them all deeply. Even if there are times when they do not get along, he still deeply cares about their well-being and would go to great lengths to keep them safe. An outspoken person with little patience for inconvenience and silliness (like Emma's), he frequently loses his temper or is often left dumbfounded when people such as Emma displays reckless behaviour and intentions, noticeably when he considered Emma as an "airhead" when she intended to rescue every orphan from Grace Field. Furthermore, he is very blunt and honest, as when Norman is trying to figure out a way to break it to Emma that Ray was the spy all along, Ray abruptly comes out with it before Norman has the chance. In some cases, he considers it a kindness to be blunt, rather than alleviate the truth and/or give people false hope. He was also motivated by cold logic and reason, and he figures the best plan for success is to take the smallest group possible, even if that group doesn't include himself. While he worked extrmely hard for six years to make sure that Norman and Emma could escape safely, he had to sacrifice a lot for it, including possibly sacrificing his other siblings that were shipped out.

Ray's strengths are his cunningness, sharp wits, and his manipulative nature. He is also rational, logical, cynical, and highly intelligent. Ray is an academically inclined young boy who excels in the orphanage's daily tests, also using his intelligence to decipher problems and to come out with solutions. According to Emma, he's always the best at anything he tries. He's also known as "The Walking Encyclopedia". When recalling which books in the archives mention ruins, he's not only able to remember the books but also, without even looking, their exact location on the shelves. According to Norman, he is level-headed and precise in everything he does. He also always thinks ahead and finds the most optimal solutions to things.

According to the data Krone obtained, Ray is a person makes plans too fast and gives up on them just as fast.
Ray attempts to burn himself

Ray attempts to burn himself, showing the self-sacrificing side of him.

This was specifically proven when after the plan of saving Norman got foiled, Ray lost hope and excluded himself from helping the others to devise another plan to escape.[18] Ray is also noted to be extremely self-sacrificing and audacious. He was driven to suicide via self-immolation, and willingly did so to help aid in the escape. However, he also reveals to Emma that he wasn't going to go down as cattle and he would die as a selfish human. His little hesitation in throwing his life away likely stems from his past. Because he has known about the truth about the farm, the outside world, and his very own mother since a very young age, Ray began deeming his life as "cursed" and therefore planned to die inside the House. The only good things were initially only Emma and Norman, to whom Ray gives his thanks to.

However, after the escape succeeds, he admits to Emma that he's glad to see their siblings safe when he had previously thought bringing them would be a burden. He swears to keep on living and protect every single one of his siblings, and becomes fiercly protective and loyal to them. He also promises to never cut someone off again, and is now confident that his whole family, as a group, will be able to accomplish a future where all of them can comfortably live together.[19]

This Manga spoiler has not been adapted into the Anime yet. Read at your own risk!

After the escape, Ray proves himself to be an important asset to the group's survival in the outside world. He is highly responsible, calucalting, smart and logical, and is able to make decisions under high pressure. His protective personality is further showcased when Ray lured some wild demons away from the other orphans; and he also has the nerves to blow up B06-32 (a shelter vital to both the orphans and the man) in order to get Mister to cooperate with him and Emma. His desire to stay alive is for the sake of his family, so he refuses to back off in any obstacle he faces and always stays determined.

Even after he became softer and kinder to everyone around him, he's still one of the few kids who has no qualms about killing human threats. Furthermore, when Gillian wants to go back to save Mister and Lucas on the off-chance they're still alive, he refuses, knowing that if they did die, then doing so would only make their sacrifice in vain.



Ray is an extremely intelligent and cunning strategist. He is a highly studious boy. Ray gains knowledge of the outside world from the books that he reads hence act as a trump card for the group during and after their escape from the Grace Field House. Ray is also extremely perceptive, as it is revealed that he realized years ago that the "orphanage" is, in fact, a farm, with the children as livestock, without ever having to actually see the reality with his own eyes (like Emma and Norman) in order to realize this fact. Ray was also the first human (possibly aside from those working for the demons) to discover the demons' physical weakness (their middle eyes) and managed to get Emma to slay a wild demon before it ate him. Hence showing his capability in quick-thinking under pressure in a life-and-death situation l.


Unlike others, Ray does not suffer from childish amnesia, so he can remember details when he was an infant, or even when he was in his mother's womb. Thanks to his natural ability, Ray was able to discover the secret of the orphanage and also that Isabella was his mother.

Culinary Skills

Ray and Pepe cooking

Ray and Pepe cooking Yakisoba.

Ray was taught about cooking by Mujika, and ever since, he has shown to be an excellent and talented cook. He's seen cooking the most often out of the Grace Field kids, and the other kids are seen at least once gushing over how good his cooking is. When he and Pepe helped Mister to make Yakisoba for his food stand, he was extremely fast at cooking them.[20]

Enhanced Stamina

This Manga spoiler has not been adapted into the Anime yet. Read at your own risk!

Ray has proven himself to possess incredible stamina. He, together with Emma managed to follow Mister for days without slowing down or losing track of him when they followed him to Goldy Pond.[21] Ray was also able to outrun a wild demon for several minutes before Emma killed it.[22]



Ray has a rather complex relationship with his close friend and adoptive sister. As their personalities are arranged to contrast with each other's; with Emma being a jovial, gullible and sociable person and Ray as more of an edgy and sharp-witted introvert. He often displays a brusque, casual attitude with her, and like typical siblings (or at least friends), they do not always agree and Emma's nature and opinions sometimes get on Ray's nerves.

Emma slap Ray

Emma slapped Ray.

Despite his blunt exterior, he is always looking out for her, and will not hesitate to comfort or reassure her when he senses that she needs him to. Ray also describes both Emma and Norman as his two closest friends and that they mean the world to him. Seeing them make it out alive was his top priority regarding the Grace Field Escape.

This Manga spoiler has not been adapted into the Anime yet. Read at your own risk!
You make your choice. I will be by your side. Whatever path you take, I trust your judgement. After all, defying the impossible is what you do best!
— Ray's supportive attitude towards Emma.[23]
Ever since their escape from Grace Field House, Ray and Emma have been working together and helping each other out in almost everything, and Ray has been been an aid in her plans. He is protective of her, cares for her deeply and will not hesitate to rush to her side when she is in danger. Although Ray admits he agrees with Norman's plans and doesn't empathize with Emma's doubts, he still mentions that whatever choice Emma makes, he will support her since he completely trusts her judgement. This shows that Ray has gained much more respect for her as their leader.


Volume 4 The Promised Neverland offscene 6

Norman telling Ray to socialize more, as the two and Emma went to the orphanage's gates.

Growing up together for almost their entire lives, Ray has been close friends and brotherly figures with Norman in Grace Field. Of all the orphans, Norman is the closest to him besides Emma and often hang out with one another ever since they are toddlers, most noticeably when Norman and Emma wanted Ray to spend more time with them than to have his head stuck to a book all the time, the three also went to explore the gates which surround and guards the orphanage.

After discovering that Isabella is evil, Norman was the only other person besides Emma Ray initially put his trust on when they strategized their plan to escape from Grace Field. Ray acknowledges and understands Norman's strengths and weaknesses – knowing how Norman is one of the smartest children in the orphanage, he sees Norman as a strength and trump card he and the others can use.

Norman is one of the people that Ray swore not to let die, he believes Norman to be more logical and less reckless as opposed to Emma and hence trusts and rely on him more. This was proven when Ray was dumbfounded by Emma's reckless intention of rescuing all of the orphans and thus Ray preferred to work and rely on Norman more. The two, however, do have opposing views on various situations, like when Ray wanting to leave the others behind to heighten the chance of their survival, while Norman, believing in Emma, wants to help find a way to help everyone escape. While they have incredible differences, they are two of the smartest children and are making their effort to escape.

After Norman was shipped out from Grace Field, Ray was devastated and greatly saddened over the loss of his friend to the degree of "giving up" and excluding himself from devising the escape plan with the other orphans. Ray (and Emma) mourned over their friend   –whom they supposed is already dead– over a period of two months.


What will you do now? Kill me? Mama, I want to make a trade with you.Citation needed
— Ray asked Isabella to be her spy.
Isabella confronts Ray

Isabella went up to Ray after hearing a familiar tune.

In his early youth, Ray revealed to Isabella that he knew the orphanage's true purpose. Since his early youth, Ray worked as a double-agent for Isabella. In reality, he has been planning escaping this whole time. While they mutually converse, their relationship remains tense. Ray knows Isabella will proceed with sending Ray and his friends to their deaths. This leads Ray to determine the best way to deceive Isabella, and avoid this outcome. It is later revealed that Isabella and Ray are in fact biologically mother and son, respectively. [24][25]


This Manga spoiler has not been adapted into the Anime yet. Read at your own risk!

Ray and Mister didn't see eye to eye ever since they first met. Their animosity deepens as soon as Mister threatens to kill him and Emma. During the journey to Goldy Pond, Ray is very suspicious of Mister and never lets his guard down around him. After their escape from Goldy Pond, Ray and Mister have come to terms and are now friendlier towards each other.


This Manga spoiler has not been adapted into the Anime yet. Read at your own risk!
Reactions to Emma getting stabbed

Ray stares in horror as he sees Emma getting stabbed by Leuvis.

Being enemies at the very start, Ray sees Leuvis as a threat and an enemy. In hopes of avenging Emma who Leuvis impaled, Ray continuously attempted to kill Leuvis alongside Mister, Nigel, Violet and Adam and succeeded in doing so.



  • In the special edition of Volume 13, in an interview with Posuka Demizu and Kaiu Shirai, the two explained how Ray was supposed to die. The idea, however, was scrapped.[26]
  • Kaiu Shirai revealed Ray, Emma and Norman's birthdays in Volume 5, though he stated how Ray's birthday is on 15 January, he later stated how Ray's birthday is actually on another date.
  • A mini-game in The Promised Neverland official site revealed two manga pages for players who achieved high scores. The pages showed how Isabella named Ray after the American singer-songwriter Ray Charles.
    • Isabella furthermore explained how she was listening to Ray Charles' music which gave her the idea of giving Ray the musician's name, and how "Ray" is a unisex name and is of no particular nationality, which makes sense since Ray Charles is an African-American.
  • Kaiu Shirai's commented in Volume 5 how Ray at a young age aimed to read all the books in Grace Field House before he turns 12. Hence in Chapter 32, 14 January 2046, one day right before his 12th birthday, the book he has is the final book he just finished reading.
    • When Ray was around 4 to 5 years old, he revealed how all the books he had read are fantasy books, thus implying how fantasy is his favorite genre of books as they are the first type of books he chose to read.[27]
  • Ray, unlike the other orphans, didn't experience childhood amnesia. This contributed greatly to his discovery about the truth of the orphanage. It is likely that he has hypermnesia- abnormally sharp or vivid recall.
  • The following are Ray's rankings in some of The Promised Neverland's official popularity polls.
    • Announced in Chapter 75, Ray is in 3rd place in the Color Illustration Character Poll which was held on The Promised Neverland's official LINE account.
    • In Shounen Jump's popularity poll results released in May 2018 in Chapter 88 of the Manga, Ray is in 3rd place.
    • In commemoration of the manga's 2nd Anniversary, in Shounen Jump's 2nd popularity poll results released in September 2018 in Chapter 102, Ray is in 3rd place with a total of 4651 votes.
  • One of Ray's favourite things to do is disassembling machines. He likes to take items such as clocks apart together with Norman when they were younger.[28]
  • Posuka Demizu considers Ray to be a fast character to create as compared to Norman and Emma.[29]
  • Ray's dream, when he can get into the human world in future, is to see the famous Mona Lisa painting and the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona, Spain.[30]
  • Ray has achieved a full score in all daily tests, except the ave.2, he has got a 292 out of 300.[31]

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