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The Ratri Clan (also called the Ratri family) is a human clan that signed the ancient treaty called the "Promise" to separate humans and demons from each other as a form of a non-aggression pact between the two races. They are the overseers to keep the "Promise" in tact, and therefore aims to kill the children who escaped the farms and Goldy Pond as well as the supporters who help them to keep the current state of the Demon World and the promise.

There are a portion of the Ratri Clan living in the Human World as well.


The Ratri Who Started It All

A little over a thousand years ago, the world was overrun with demons. Julius Ratri, the charismatic leader of a small group of fighters, is struggling to stay alive. He and his comrades fight day after day to kill as many demons as they can but there simply seems to be no end in sight.

Guilt-ridden and fueled with desperation at the sight of so many dead bodies, Julius brings up the idea of offering a small selection of humans to whet the demons’ appetite which is immediately squashed by his comrades. One of Julius’ friends points out that even if the demons accept, they would never stop asking for more; they should instead focus on the ideal future of having a world where all humankind would be safe, without compromising anything on their end. Victory, his friend reassures Julius, is close.

Except it wasn’t. Sick and tired of all of the fighting, Julius asks to be taken to the demon king. When he returns to his comrades, he tries to convince them, again, on the idea of offering a small batch of humans to the demons. He argues that this would be for the greater good: a small price to pay in exchange for a lifetime of peace. Then everything would be over.

But his friends refuse again. Although disappointed, Julius reveals that it didn’t matter if they disagreed or not since he had already made the deal with the demon king. With that, the demons burst into their hideout and slaughter his friends resulting in the first cattle humans.

The First Promise

After offering a peace treaty with the demon king, Julius and the demon king meet the god of the demon world and ask for the world to be split in two: the humans on one side and demons on the other. Farms would be built on the demon side where shipments of humans would be sent from the human side for the demons to consume. The god agrees to the request on one condition: both the demon king and Julius have to offer a “reward” to the god in return. This reward has to be something extremely important to the negotiator. First, the god demands that the demon king offer the best meat to which the king begrudgingly agrees. Then it’s Julius’ turn.

Julius is prepared to offer anything, including his life, as a reward but to his surprise and horror, the god doesn’t want that. Instead, Julius and his descendants would be gatekeepers, forced to uphold the Promise between humans and demons, making sure that both sides don’t break the rules. Julius would now be haunted by his choice forever. He would be stuck in the demon realm and he and his descendants would never be able to escape their fate.

The Ratri Brothers

In present time, James is the 35th descendant of the Ratri clan. His younger brother Peter loves and idolizes his brother and for years, the two lived under the illusion that their role as gatekeepers was noble until James discovered Julius’s betrayal and the truth of the Promise. While he is horrified and ashamed, James also knows that his hands are tied. He can’t abandon his role as mediator as this would result in the collapse of the system that had kept their two worlds so precariously balanced.

So James does the only thing he can think of: he dons the persona of William Minerva and lays out little clues in the orphanages in the hopes that future cattle children would be able to figure out what was happening in their world and lead them to him so he can help them. He builds sanctuaries all over the demon realm such as Goldy Pond so the children have a safe place to rest. He believes that this is the only way for him to atone for his and his ancestor’s sins.

At first, Peter seems to be on the same page as his brother but it turns out to be a facade. Instead of feeling horrified like his brother when he finds out the truth, Peter is ecstatic: he thinks that Julius made the hero’s choice and did the right thing. From that day forward, the Ratri brothers end up on opposing sides of history. While James is doing everything he can to save the cattle children, Peter is stopping him at every step, like turning Goldy Pond into the demons’ hunting grounds and sending assassins after his brother.

With the threat of Emma and her friends destroying everything that his clan built, Peter will stop at nothing to protect the Promise.

Known Members

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