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The Ratri Clan (also called the Ratri family) is a human clan that signed the ancient treaty called the "Promise" to separate humans and demons from each other as a form of a non-aggression pact between the two races. They are the overseers to keep the "Promise" in tact, and therefore aims to kill the children who escaped the farms and Goldy Pond as well as the supporters who help them to keep the current state of the Demon World and the promise.

There are a portion of the Ratri Clan living in the Human World as well.

Known Members

William Minerva Revealed.png Mike Ratri Manga.png Peter.png Julius Ratri makes a proposal.png Andrew debut.png
James Ratri Mike Ratri Peter Ratri Julius Ratri Andrew
  • James and Peter's parents
  • Numerous other members
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