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Posuka Demizu (出水 ぽすか, Demizu Posuka?) debuted as a manga artist with the 2013 CoroCoro series Oreca Monster Bouken Retsuden. A collection of illustrations, The Art of Posuka Demizu, was released in 2016 by PIE International. Demizu is currently known for illustrations for The Promised Neverland.


Posuka Demizu was born and lives in Tokyo, Japan. She emerged on the manga scene in 2008 with a mini-series for monthly manga magazine CoroCoro. She has worked on a wide range of projects with children’s magazines and video games companies. Notably, she has worked with animation studio JCstaff on the series Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou) and illustrated a comic for the popular card battle Orca Battle.

Beginning in 2016, Demizu collaborated with author Kaiu Shirai on Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland). The series started in issue 35 of Weekly Shōnen Jump (Shueisha). It follows Emma and her friends who try to escape the orphanage they grew up in after they find out the unsettling truth behind it. Originally, Shirai planned to write and draw, but his editor felt like Shirai’s style ‘didn’t do the script justice’ and would be too hard for Shirai to keep up the quality of both. And so Demizu joined the project. Shirai had seen Demizu’s art before and loved it, but before starting the series they created a one-shot called Poppy's Wish. The outcome was better than Shirai imagined. 


Title Anthology First Issue Last Issue Span
Chapters Volumes
(キルぐみ, Kirugumi)
Light Novel June 18, 2013 April 18, 2014 13 3
Poppy's Wish
(ポピィの願い, Poppy no Negai)
One-Shot February 2016 February 2016 1 1
The Promised Neverland
(約束のネバーランド, Yakusoku no Neverland)
Weekly Shōnen Jump August 1, 2016 June 14, 2020 181 20
Spirit Photographer Saburo Kono
(心霊写真師 鴻野三郎, Shinrei Shashinshi Kouno Saburou)
One-Shot Aug 11, 2020 Aug 11, 2020 1 1
(DC3デイーシースリー, DC3)
One-Shot Aug 2, 2021 Aug 2, 2021 1 -
Cool Shock Old B.T.
(魔老紳士ビーティー, Marō shinshi bītī)
One-Shot Oct 19, 2021 Oct 19, 2021 1 -

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