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Go wherever you want. Do what you want. You kids win. But remember this one thing. The human world isn't any different. Because... they are a mirror of humanity. Try it if you can. I'm looking forward to seeing how far you can go into the human world.Peter to Emma in "Prisoners"

Peter Ratri (ピーターラートリー, Pītā Rātorī?) is the main antagonist of the The Promised Neverland series. As the 36th and current head of the famous Ratri Clan, he is the overseer of the farm system and the upholder of the Promise between humans and demons. He is also the younger brother of James Ratri as well as the descendant of Julius Ratri.


After James began his desire to free the cattle children, Peter was the one who revealed his plans to the higher-ups. While James "betrayed" the family and died fighting for his desires, Peter was chosen to become the next head of the Ratri family. By 2031, the Ratri family realized there were more people in their clan that supported "Minerva" and betrayed the Ratris. By December of the same year, Peter seemed to have found all the traitors, though James is nowhere to be seen. Nonetheless, Peter kills all the traitors right on the spot. Ever since then, he has been the overseer of the farm system, as well as the one that upholds the system of selling children as food to the demons.

At some point, the demon royals and five regents and the Ratri family, including Peter, heard of Mujika's clan's ability to give demons a permanent human form and intelligence, thus eliminating the need to rely on eating humans to keep themselves from devolving. They saw this as a threat to the farm system, their money supply, their power over the "demon" world, and above all else, the promise they made. So they massacred the entire clan until only Mujika was left.


Peter is an average-built man with a menacing look on his face. He has straight, long white hair which slightly curls at the tips. Furthermore, he wears his hair in a middle-part. Like most of his Ratri family members, he has green eyes. He is often seen wearing a white suit with a black tie.


Peter takes his role as the preserver of the Promise very seriously, as demonstrated when he had several humans executed for being labeled as traitors. He is also someone who was willing to sacrifice others for the sake of keeping the promise.

He is charismatic and skilled in negotiation, as he was able to persuade the Queen to grant him an army of demons, and shows the true depths of his depravity after learning of the deaths of the Queen and all the other demon nobles; that, instead of taking this opportunity to free humanity, he instead wanted to take control over the demons and maintain the status quo of raising children as livestock but now under his terms and having his clan be the ruling power instead.

He shows himself to be ruthless and sadistic when he tortured Nat and threatened to kill Jemina, while wearing a friendly smile on his face.

The root of Peter's depravity seems to be his obsession with maintaining the original Promise made by his ancestor, as he questioned the children regarding the Promise.

He displays all the qualities of a narcissist, and perhaps even megalomania, viewing all and everyone else around him as inferior to himself, as he raved at the children that he was their "father", as though the claim was some kind of entitlement of authority over them, viewing the children, the Sisters, and even Isabella, whom he'd promoted to Grandma, as nothing more than food. His overconfidence stems from his position; when stripped of his power and control, he is fundamentally a coward but is too arrogant to admit he has lost, which leads to him lashing out like a cornered animal out of rage, fear, hubris, and desperation.


Search For Minerva Arc

Norman agreed to aid Peter Ratri with his research.

Instead of being shipped out from Grace Field House, Norman was introduced to Peter by Isabella as Norman's new foster father, though Ratri had Norman address him by his name instead. Ratri asked Norman to help him with his research at Λ7214, to which the boy agreed. In the subsequent months, Norman lived in Λ7214 as Peter kept track of his progress.[1]

Pre-Cuvitidala Arc

After unknown events, Norman destroyed the Lamba facility and escaped it, taking all of the experimented children with him. However, many secret Minerva supporters at the facility were unable to escape, as Peter had ordered a purge to wipe out the supporters lurking behind the scenes.[2]

Pre-Imperial Capital Battle Arc

Return to Grace Field Arc

Once Legravalima and the Five Regent Families are killed, Peter sends the demon army to the Paradise Hideout hideout in order to prevent the children from enacting their promise. In the process, he kidnaps all the inhabitants and transfers them all to Grace Field House to be processed as food.[3][4]


James Ratri

The two of them originally had a brotherly bond. Peter even agreed with James his way of thinking for a while because he thought that it was better. This seemed to be a facade when Peter revealed that he was just pretending to agree with James' plans. Peter even went as far to take James his title of the 35th head of the family and claim it himself. He then ordered his underlings and the rest of his clans to kill his own brother, implying the hostility between the two.


  • The following are Peter Ratri's rankings in some of The Promised Neverland's official popularity polls.
    • In Shounen Jump's popularity poll results announced in Chapter 88, Peter is in 58th place.
    • In Shounen Jump's 2nd popularity poll results announced in Chapter 102, Peter is in 50th place with a total of 20 votes. He is tied with Pepe, Sandy, Monica, Nous, Nouma, Tom and Marvin.
  • Peter is likely named after Peter Pan from the J.M. Barrie play and novel of the same name.


  • Peter is a common masculine given name. It is derived from Greek Πέτρος, Petros (meaning "stone, rock", via Greek petra). An Old English variant is Piers.


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