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The Paradise Hideout is a hideout belonging to "William Minerva" where all the orphans live in after they were saved by "Minerva" and his confidants.


The hideout's origins were vague, but minor details of it were mentioned by some of its current inhabitants. Told by Jin, the hideout was once the remains of an obscure colony belonging to a demon clan.[3] It somehow became a network owned by Norman's deceased ally, Smee, who told Norman about his network's existence. After Smee's passing, Norman managed to inherit the network[4] and transformed it into a hideout, which he dubbed as a "paradise". Since then, Norman has been rescuing orphans from various plantations and brought or guided them to the hideout. Due to the hideout's obscurity, Norman and the orphans all live peacefully within the hideout. Norman lords the hideout, which hence makes him the leader among the inhabitants, who all looked up to him and refer to him as William Minerva.[5]


Cuvitidala Arc

After Hayato and Jin were rescued by Emma and her friends, the two wanted them to follow them back to the hideout.


Norman's office

Known Inhabitants

Norman badge Barbara Mugshot Cislo Mugshot Vincent Mugshot
Barbara Cislo Vincent
Zazie Mugshot Ayshe Mugshot
Zazie Ayshe

Hayato ch143 Jin mugshot Emma badge Ray badge
Hayato Jin Emma Ray
Anna badge Nat badge Thoma badge Lani badge
Anna Nat Thoma Lani
Don badge Gilda badge 7 year old Jemima 7 year old Alicia
Don Gilda Jemima Alicia
7 year old Rossi 8 year old Dominic 7 year old Chris 7 year old Yvette
Rossi Dominic Chris Yvette
7 year old Mark Oliver Mugshot Gillian Mugshot Zack Mugshot
Mark Oliver Gillian Zack
Violet Mugshot Nigel Mugshot Paula Mugshot Sandy Mugshot
Violet Nigel Paula Sandy
Pepe Mugshot Sonya Mugshot Theo Mugshot Adam Mugshot
Pepe Sonya Theo Adam
  • Numerous other children


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