An Original Soundtrack (Acronym: OST) contains the background music used in the various episodes of a series. The music in The Promised Neverland anime is created by music composer Takihiro Obata.



The Promised Neverland OST FULL Vol.1 約束のネバーランド OST Vol.1

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Like a Refreshing Morning



Cool-Headed Isabella

Training for escape

Tight tension

Isabella's lullaby

The Isabella's Lullaby track is played in episode 1, 11 and 12 of the anime. Isabella's Lullaby is also a portion of the anime's main theme:

In episode 1, Isabella sang the lullaby to herself as she brought Conny to the gates, the actual track was later played near the end of the episode when Norman tried to comfort a traumatized Emma in Grace Field's bedroom.

In episode 11, the lullaby was actually sang by Ray when he meets Emma in the House's cafeteria, minutes away from his "birthday" and shipment date.

In episode 12, the origin of Isabella's lullaby was revealed in a flashback of hers, where she heard the tune made by her childhood friend, Leslie, whom she later learnt the tune from which later became a lullaby she sings for her unborn baby.

Demon's manifestation

Emma's sorrow

Dancing Krone


The name of the track 63194 is the identification number of Emma. It is played in episode 1 of the anime.

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