Nouma without mask

 Kanji ノウマ
 Rōmaji Nouma
• Characteristics •
 Gender Female
 Race Demon
• Professional Information •
 Affiliation Goldy Pond
• Personal Status •
 Relatives Nous (Brother,)
Noum (Relative,)
• Debuts •
 Manga Chapter 66

Nouma (ノウマ, Nouma?) is one of the antagonists of The Promised Neverland during the Goldy Pond arc. She was a demon who belonged to the group of Demons known as the "Poachers", hunting orphans who end up in the hunting reserve Goldy Pond.


Sometime in the past, Nouma and Nous moved to Goldy Pond, where they became a part of the famous hunting group called the Poachers.


Nouma has a black-colored humanoid body and has a mask. Nouma appears to have a rather large cleavage and she can be seen wielding a large spear.


Like Nous, Nouma is a sadistic demon who enjoys hunting young children and killing them in cold blood.


Search For Minerva Arc

Nouma asks about the Grace Field House escapee and Bayon said they are premium quality. This gets her excited since they were premium grade and an adult male. Nous says that not even those demons in their standing have access to that.[1]

Nouma was later seen patrolling with Nouma, with Nous commenting that the children they were hunting managed to escape.[2]

Nous and Nouma later go hunting and begin to chase after Sonia and Sandy. They applaud Sonia and Sandy's strategy of protecting each other from being caught, further exciting them. Because Sonia and Sandy were not premium grade, they were not permitted to kill the orphans.[3]

Nous and Nouma then arrive at a clearing and Nouma continues walking until Nous stops her, telling her that a trap has been set for them. They knowingly take the bait and begin to go for the attack until a flash bomb temporarily blinds them and both shots successfully hit both of the demons, unmasking their face.[4] Nouma quickly grabs Sonia and briefly applauds her for removing the mask. Right when she decides to hunt Sonia, Paula kills Nouma with her sniper rifle, leaving Nous to cry out in sorrow.[5]



They seem to care for each other deeply. This was further indicated when Nouma was killed and Nous became enraged over her death, crying for Nouma to come back to life.


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