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I will gladly become a devil or a God, Emma. Norman to Emma in "Episode 20"

Norman (ノーマン, Nōman?) is one of the deuteragonists of The Promised Neverland alongside Ray.

Norman is a math prodigy and a model student of Grace Field House, with intelligence that surpasses his peers and even adults. He is also known for being a genius strategist and planner, as well as unbeatable at the game of tag.

Being the smartest child living in Grace Field, Norman is considered as one of Grace Field House's three "premium quality goods"[citation needed] next to Emma and Ray.

When he discovers the truth about the orphanage with Emma, he teams up with her and Ray to devise a plan to escape. Norman is, however, forced to be shipped before his 12th birthday, and he sacrifices himself and accepts his fate of inevitable death to let his family escape. But is revealed later to have survived and escaped from the demons hands.


Norman was born on March 21, 2034, and sent to Grace Field House a year later in 2035. When Norman was still a young child, he was known to fall sick easily due to his weak physique and health. Most of the illnesses he had were colds, which he had gotten during winter[4].

Under the parental care of Isabella, as well as the happy times he spent with his fellow foster siblings, Norman had a happy childhood. Due to their close age and probably the fact that they are the top students academically, Norman was exceptionally close to Emma and Ray out of all the orphans in Grace Field, and thus interacted with the two often.

A sickly Norman talking with Emma through a tin can telephone.

During a snowball fight in the winter of January 2039, Norman fainted due to the low temperature and had to be quarantined within the orphanage's sickbay. Emma, who cannot help to be isolated from her dear friend, sought to sneak into the sickbay and accompany him, but failed in every try as she was caught by Isabella consistently, who forbade her to stay near Norman in fear of how his cold might spread to her. In the end, Emma thought of interacting with Norman via a tin can telephone. Norman chatted with Emma and the other orphans merrily throughout the night.[4]

In November 2039, Norman and Emma persuaded Ray to not have his eyes stick to his book all the time. The two invited him to join them to explore the gate that encircles Grace Field House.[1] When the trio reached the gate, they all wondered what lies beyond the walls. Norman grabbed onto the giant door of the gate and wondered why it would never open as he theorized how it might be protecting them from something. The three recalled how Isabella once warned them how they should never go to the gate or beyond the fence due to danger. Norman doubted what their foster mother said. The three went back the orphanage soon after.[5]


Norman's appearance in the anime.

Norman is a young boy with short, tidy white hair (platinum blonde in the start of the manga) that's worn parted to his left, a prominently longer piece curving upwards on the side of his head, resembling a cresent moon shape, and narrow, inward-tilting blue eyes. The most distinctive physical trait of Norman is his thick eyebrows. He wore the standard orphanage uniform—a white shirt and trousers along with plain shoes. His Grace Field House identification number "22194" is tattooed across the left side of his neck.


Norman is a calm, level-headed, kind, and gentle boy who presents himself to have figured things out because he wants to appear as a reliable person to people around him. (Otherwise, he is extremely intelligent!) At the same time, Norman is a complex individual due to his conflicting morality. After being exposed to the truth behind the orphanage, Norman is revealed to be similar to Ray, as in being a realist and wanting to take a limited group of people along in the escape. However, he deems himself as being selfish due to worrying about his own life, as opposed to Emma who selflessly worries about others first before herself. Norman's love for Emma inspires him to follow her idealistic ideals, and as so he becomes determined to escape with all of his siblings despite it seeming impossible.[6] To achieve this, Norman has shown to be manipulative, ruthless and extremely rational, having no issues agreeing to the plan to kill Krone and Isabella that Ray came up with in order to escape.[7]

Norman is the most intelligent child in Grace Field House, consistently getting perfect scores during their daily exams. He likes to apply what he learns to his day-to-day activities, even in a simple game of tag. He is known to be strategic, analytical, rational, and possesses logical deductive skills.[5] He is a planner who can see the entire situation and plan for it ahead of time. Additionally, Norman is very determined and doesn't let other budge him when he has firmly put his mind into a certain decision.[8] He has a strong sense of self-confidence which stems from assuming everything will work out in his favor in the end if he plays his gambles right. He always relies on himself to come up with the answers, and even Norman himself states that he always managed to accomplish what he set out to do.[6] However, he puts intense pressure on himself to achieve their goals, and he also harbors a crushing perfectionism where he is not allowed to lose or make mistakes.[9][10] When he does make mistakes and suffers, he only blames himself and imagines that a perfect scenario exists out there, and if he only had envisioned and executed that plan, he would not be suffering.

Being an extremely caring individual who is fiercely loyal and protective of his family and friends, he has tendency to hide his true feelings of worry, fear, and hurt projecting instead of a calm and collected exterior to calm down and give emotional support to the people around him. For example, Norman assumes it’s logical that he should use himself, and be the only one hurting, rather than place any of that weight on his family.[10] Additionally, after Norman’s shipping date, is announced, his first priority is to comfort Emma, even though he was the one whose life was on the line. But when faced with his impending death, he realizes how badly he still wants to live.[9]

An overall strong-willed character, he tends to disregard his own humanity and worth as a person if it means keeping everyone else safe and for the greater good.[8][11]


Introduction Arc

Taking daily tests, playing a game of tag, eating scrumptious homemade food, and having a good time – Norman went through the same routine every day in Grace Field House, an orphanage where he lived since the day he was born. Under the loving parental care of Isabella and the companionship of Emma, Ray, and the other orphans, Norman spent a pleasant childhood in Grace Field.

Emma and Norman upon discovering the truth.

When the day came for Conny to be sent off to foster parents, Norman, and the other orphans gave a tearful goodbye as they bid farewell to her. Sometime after Conny left with Isabella, Norman accompanied Emma to return Conny's beloved stuffed toy bunny, as the two proceeded to the gates of Grace Field to search for the toddler.

Instead of finding Conny, Norman and Emma found Conny's corpse within a truck instead, as they stared in pure horror upon seeing their friend dead. The two later hid under the truck as they witness two demons inserting Conny's dead body into a jar. Isabella is revealed to be working for the demons, as the two witnesses in shock of how Isabella turned out to be evil. Norman and Emma returned to Grace Field unnoticed, the stuffed toy, Little Bunny, was left behind, which was eventually found by the two demons and Isabella.

Emma collapsed onto the ground in despair, as she recalled the traumatic scene she and Norman just witnessed, which soon led her to break down in tears. Norman consoled Emma and told her not to speak of the incident to anyone. During the next few days, Norman and Emma remained silent and secretive about Conny's death and the existence of demons; put on an innocent and childlike façade whenever they interact with Isabella, who was suspecting the two.

Ray demanding Emma and Norman to tell the truth.

With the introverted yet intelligent Ray's involvement, the three started to devise an escape plan to rescue the orphans from Isabella and the demons' clutches. The three learned and gathered every possible information they could get about the outside world and to aid in their eventual escape. Ray helped in plotting the escape plan.

Isabella eventually got Krone appointed as Grace Field's second caretaker (as the orphans' "Sister"), an additional obstacle for Norman, Emma, and Ray to deal with. Krone tried to get in the way of the trio, much to their dismay.

Jailbreak Arc

Norman, Emma, and Ray eventually recruited Don and Gilda into the team as additional help and told them about the secrets behind Grace Field, Isabella, and the existence of demons. Along the way, the five-faced obstacles and issues with working together, such as the interference of Isabella and Krone, suspicions of Gilda being on the enemies' side, Ray's double-crossing, and Don's unhappiness towards the limited trust Norman, Emma and Ray had on him and Gilda, whom they did not tell the entirety of their plan and motives to. The trio starts suspecting that there might be a traitor amongst the children, possibly Don or Gilda, who are working for Isabella, and Norman lays a trap to determine who the informant is by telling them the location of their ropes and that night.

Norman accuses Ray of being the traitor.

The following night, Norman inspects the rope locations with Ray, and by the process of elimination, accuses Ray of being the traitor. Although hesitant at first, Ray eventually confesses that he has been the spy who worked for Isabella behind his friends' back. When Norman questioned his motive, Ray explained how he already knew about the orphanage's secrets a long time ago, and how him serving his mother as her spy is all part of his previous plan for him and his friends' escape. Following a lengthy discussion about loyalty, Ray eventually agrees to side with Norman, but on one condition: they must give up the intention of saving everyone, but without telling Emma. Norman is torn by this, but ends up reluctantly agreeing to this.

(However, when Norman and his team finally managed to put Ray's escape plan into work, it was, although foiled by Isabella, as she fractured Emma's leg and revealed how Norman will be the next to be shipped off to the demons.)

Norman discovers the cliff.

Norman took care of Emma and her broken leg during his last few days at Grace Field.[9] When Emma and Ray attempted to rescue Norman by getting him to escape alone, the plan failed, as Norman returned with the news of how steep cliffs lies beyond the walls of the plantations, making his escape impossible. He soon made a tearful goodbye to the two, as he reminisced the happy childhood he had spent with them.[8]

Norman comforting Emma before being sent off.

During the day for Norman to depart, a desperate Emma was still keen on rescuing him, as she made her one final attempt to save him by disabling the tracker in his ear, Norman immediately prevented her from doing so, calling her reckless. When Emma explained how she did not want Norman to die, Norman was touched by Emma's words. As he cupped Emma's cheek, Isabella interrupted the two, urging Norman to prepare to depart from the orphanage. However, she allowed Norman to give Emma a proper goodbye, where he encouraged her to stay strong and never give up hope.

After giving Ray a quick goodbye as well, Norman walked to the gates of Grace Field with Isabella and questioned her if she truly is she happy. Isabella was in shock and hesitated for a moment, before replying that she was indeed happy because she was able to meet him. The two reached the gates and though Norman was preparing himself for the demons to appear, Isabella asked him to wait in another room. When Norman looked inside, he was disturbed by whatever he had just seen.

Post-Jailbreak Arc

Norman did not end up being shipped out on his shipment day, instead, he was handed over to Peter Ratri, who introduces himself as his new foster father, and is asked to assist him in his research. Isabella tells Norman she loves him very much, and wishes for him to find happiness. Norman reluctantly shakes Peter's hand and is taken to Lambda.

Norman takes tests at Lambda

While at Lambda, Norman undergoes many tests, and is kept away from other children. The researchers state that no matter how hard they make the questions in the test, Norman never gets any of them wrong.

Norman eventually makes friends with Vincent by leaving small notes in a cube. They introduce themselves this way and eventually become friends, and work together to plan an escape from the farm.

Norman detonates the explosives

Over time, Norman finds a way to obtain explosives. He is sitting at a table playing chess, when he picks up a piece and looks at one of the security cameras through which a demon is watching him, and detonates the explosives, beginning his escape. The alarms go off while him and Vincent escape through the hallways.

King of Paradise Arc

Norman realize about Mujika

While Emma and Ray were having a tough time running from demons in the Demon City, masked Norman and about 5 others come into the battle, and decapitate the demons. While Emma and Ray do not know who is under the mask, as Norman called out "Emma" than revealing his face, Emma broke down in tears and Ray was in shock, to see his so called "dead brother" saying their names so eagerly .After a quick embrace with Emma, they went to their hideout, Norman explained to them that of how he was transferred to Lambda 7214 and how he escaped and destroyed the facility. Norman gives Emma and Ray the keys while telling them that he'll be gone for a few hours, Norman comes back to the hideout and was about to mention something about the drug, when he is shocked to see Emma and Ray waiting for him. Emma and Ray questioned Norman if the drug can degenerate all demons, which made Norman curious about their thoughts until Ray mentioned that they've seen him and made Norman realize about Mujika.

Norman said everything he knew about Mujika and he said they need to find Mujika and Sonju to kill them because they are dangerous element in their plan. He told about the information that smee gave to him. He said that the grace field house is the gateway to the human world but he said that the human there will never accept them and the gatekeeper will be in the way, So he want to create a world in the demon world, for the humans there, That's why he want to kill the demons. It is the future he desire. Emma make a deal with Norman if she will find Sonju and Mujika in 5 days, Norman will not kill the demons but if she failed to find them he will proceed with his plan. Zazie called Norman and they went to underground basement where Barbara, Cislo and Vincent are waiting. He told that Emma don't want to kill demons and he still wants to proceed his plan.

Norman's darkside

Norman broke the deal he made with Emma he and his group attack the demon village before the deadline of the time he gives to Emma. Norman saw the demon girl and her name is Emma to and her grandpa. When he saw them he was terrified and the drug reach them. Norman saw the grandpa did not generate and Norman attack the demon grandpa and he stabbed him in his hand and he let Emma the demon drink his blood in his blood and Demon Emma's body is back to Normal. Norman began to doubt what he had done.

Emma saw Norman as a kid.

Emma and others arrived to the demon village and Emma saw Norman and Emma hallucinated she saw Norman as a young Norman. Emma and Ray talk to Norman about how they can still escape without having to kill demons. Norman saw Sonju and Emma says Mujika will come to but Norman says its too late, as the demons managing Grace Fields are bound to find out. Norman ends up not killing the demons while crying and hugging Emma, crushed by suffering he has experienced, and his desire not to kill demons. When they leave in the demon village Norman saw Zazie charges at the demon, but Norman tells him to stop. Norman explains that he wants is not to get revenge to the demons but to save his family. He also said his seizure had reached level 4. he no longer wanted to kill demons. Vincent came and he wonders why they stopped but Cislo explains that they are done and Barbara said Norman is more important than revenge. Norman and others arrived to the temple and about the piece of the promised pen that Vylk found from 15 years ago which gives them the map to Grace Fields Headquarters and the cure to Norman and the others illness.

Return to Grace Field Arc

Norman is in the sky.

Emma, Ray, and Norman plan a break-in to Grace Field to rescue Phil and 119 more children along with him. They plan to launch hot air balloons and drop a demon-killing drug on the farms. However, Norman was in with Vincent ratting out the information to Peter Ratri's base. Emma, Ray, Norman, Gilda, Don and others manage to get inside, and attack demons they see there with smoke bombs. They obtain a headset from a demon they have tied up, which is connected to Peter Ratri. The group head to the elevator where everyone reunites. However, the reunion was short-lived, as the breeders point SMGs at them, ready to pull triggers. Isabella tauntingly welcomes the children back. Ratri takes in the defeat of the children, and asks them to stand down and surrender. everyone drops their weapons. but Isabella turns on Ratri and points her gun at his back, everyone following her lead. She raised her children well, she says.

Skills and Abilities


Being one of the top-ranked orphans (in other words: premium quality) of the orphanage, Norman possesses a very high level of intelligence for his age. Norman excels in his studies and has even achieved a full score of 300 in Grace Field's series of tests consecutively,[5] never once had he gotten a score less than 300.[12][5] Norman also has excellent strategic skills and frequently put them into use when playing a game of tag with his friends.

Norman was also the only person to suspect that Ray was acting as Isabella's spy and as so, he laid a trap to confirm his suspicions. When he was able to corner Ray, even the latter was very shocked since he had been careful and discreet. He can easily plan his actions in advance and he anticipates other's actions. He demonstrates this intellectual prowess and foresight by calculating every plan to the finest detail, which allowed him to formulate the ultimate gambit for escape.

He also discovered that the Promised Pen won't access other pages unless it is opened on the location of that page.

Physical Strength

Unlike his keen intellect, Norman was one of the physically-weakest children of the orphanage. Nonetheless, Norman actively plans strategies in order to win games of tag with the other children. Thus, during a game of tag, Norman could outmaneuver Sister Krone, the latter considering him a weak child who she could quickly capture.

Team Work

Despite his own opinions, Norman listens to the ideas of others to increase the group's cohesion. Moreover, when Ray and Emma fielded clashing ideas of how best to escape Grace Field, Norman convinced his friends to work together.

Leadership Skills

Norman has extraordinary leadership skills, and is well-liked by the children in the House. For instance, while training them in escape tactics, Norman bolstered their collective teamwork as he taught the children how to think logically. Gilda also observed that their escape from Grace Field could have been smoother and more coordinated if Norman was with them.

Archery Norman


Like Emma and Ray, he also knows how to use a bow and arrow. He used it when they were rescuing children on farms.



I want to do the things that'll make Emma happy... because I love her. I won't let her die. If it's for her sake... I'll use myself to do anything... and everything.

Norman telling Ray about his feelings towards Emma.[6]

Being orphans of Grace Field, Norman and Emma have been close throughout their entire lives and often spent time together ever since they were toddlers. Both parties care deeply for the opposite's wellbeing and do not hesitate to save each other when one is in distress. Norman and Emma are willing to sacrifice much for the other's sake, albeit not always initially, and have risked their lives more than once to help each other out.[13]

Ever since the truth about the "orphanage" was revealed to them, Norman vowed to support Emma in any way he could. Since Norman deems himself as being selfish and Emma as being selfless, he was inspired to become like her and follow her ideals. Despite his own conflicting morality, many decisions Norman has made are out of consideration to Emma. For example, he originally planned to oust Ray after finding out he was the spy, yet changed his mind thanks to Emma's influence. Norman even confesses to Ray that the reason he's going with Emma's plan of bringing every orphan into the escape plan is that he loves her. He also mentions that he would willingly sacrifice anyone, even himself, if it meant she could live.[6] Emma and Ray were initially the only people in the orphanage Norman was willing to put his trust on, and he is determined to use his own intellect to bring Emma's ideals to life.[6]

Norman reassures Emma that everything will be okay.

Norman is deeply moved by Emma's idealism, and despite her eccentricities and reckless behavior, Norman admires how true she is to herself. Norman adds that because of Emma's feelings and her consideration of him, he was able to smile even when he was essentially meeting his end. Before being shipped off, Norman expressed how confident he is in Emma's abilities and knows that she will succeed with the plan.[13] When Norman sacrificed himself, Emma was left depressed and helpless for a long period of time after his departure. However, Emma states that she will take care of everything Norman requested of her, as well as accomplish all of his dreams when she succeeds in going to the human world. When she and Ray saw Norman after they were being attacked by two demons, she cried in tears and began a quick embrace with him.


Growing up together for their entire lives, Norman has been best friends and brotherly figures with Ray. Despite their contrasting personalities; with Norman being an enthusiastic and sociable person as opposed to Ray's sarcastic and introverted manner, both deeply care for each other's well-being. Norman respects Ray and is deeply confident in his abilities, and vice versa. At the same time, he acknowledges and understands Ray's strengths and weaknesses,[5] hence seeing the opposite's skills to be useful in aiding their escape. Besides Emma, and later Gilda and Don, Ray was the only person Norman was willing to put his trust on during their planning of escaping the orphanage.

The two, however, do have opposing views on various situations, like when Ray wanted to leave the others behind to heighten the chance of their survival, while Norman, believing in Emma, wants to help find a way to help everyone escape.[6] Their trust was later limited when Ray was revealed to be Isabella's spy, and the two's relationship got restrained for a period of time. Nevertheless, Norman eventually came to the conclusion that he still didn't want to give up on him, and the two were once again able to work on their differences and help each other out.

You can die anywhere, but this isn't the place. I'll show you something cool, so just shut up and come.

Norman urging Ray to continue living.[14]

Norman cares about Ray deeply and puts his well-being above his own. Norman also gives his thanks to Ray and Emma for making his life such a happy one. Because of this, Norman is very protective of Ray; his desire to sacrifice himself, despite letting Ray's six years of hard work go to vain, stems from his unwillingness of either letting Ray or Emma getting sacrificed in his stead. Norman is also very observant of Ray and was well aware of his intention to commit suicide. As Norman mentioned in his letter to Emma, he would never let Ray die, and instead wished for him to live a life where he could experience the outside world. Because of this, he coordinated a plan two months prior to the escape where Ray was included and where he would survive. And Ray, after witnessing their plan come to fruition and hallucinating Norman telling him to not give up, it inspires him to keep living, discard his previous cynical ideals, and finally dream for a hopeful future that Norman would be proud of.[15]

Don and Gilda

Norman grew up with Don and Gilda as siblings. Norman appears to trust them, which is evident by the fact that he agreed to let them be part of the escape plan. Despite their initial fall-outs regarding Don and Gilda's reckless behavior and Norman's (and Emma's and Ray's) tendency to keep the details to themselves, they were able to work it out and became one another's most trusted allies in the escape plan. Additionally, despite being punched by Don when he was infuriated by the fact that he did not trust him completely, Norman held no grudge and apologized for his behavior as well. Upon his departure from the orphanage, he entrusted them to take care of Emma and Ray.


Norman loved Isabella dearly, as she was the only mother-figure he had in his life. He described her as the person who raised him and taught him ever since he was a young boy. This is why, after discovering the truth about the farm, Norman felt very betrayed by Isabella and was devastated. Ever since then, Norman's love for Isabella vanished, viewing her as "monster" akin to the demons, and nothing more than an enemy. Although the two of them can converse normally around the orphans and are 'friendly' with one another, Norman is determined to ruin Isabella's plans in any way he can, such as attempting to poison her or killing her in order to escape. This makes their relationship very tense.

When Isabella revealed that she was to ship Norman off, he did seemingly not hold any grudge towards her and understood the reasons behind her actions, which is why he asked her if she was truly happy when she accompanied him to the gates.

Despite everything Isabella put the children through, she truly loved Norman and the other orphans and later expresses how she wishes she could have loved her children normally.


  • Norman's dominant hand is left. He is also one of the two characters known to be left-handed, the other being Leslie
  • Several pieces of information of Norman are revealed in a Twitter Q&A with authors Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu.
    • One of Norman's favorite things to do is disassembling machines. With Ray, Norman likes to take things such as clocks apart when they were younger.[16]
    • Norman's dream, when he can get into the human world in the future is to be with Emma and Ray, as he is happy around them.[17]
    • Posuka Demizu admits how she had trouble creating Norman's character, including his body type.[18]
    • According to Kaiu Shirai, Norman's running speed is inferior to both Emma and Ray, regardless of whether the running distance is long or short, he would easily lose to the two. Emma would be first, Ray would be second and he would be last.[19] Nevertheless, he would still beat them in a game of tag thanks to his vast intelligence.
    • Norman has consistently achieved a perfect score of 300 points,[5] and he has never scored less than 300.[20]
  • Norman is ranked 2nd in the official anime Popularity Poll that was announced after Episode 17


  • Norman as a given name is of mostly English origin. It is a Germanic name and is composed of the elements nord ("north") + man ("man"). The name can be found in England before the Norman Invasion of 1066, but gained popularity by its use by Norman settlers in England after the invasion.


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