Kanji ナイジェル
• Characteristics •
 Gender Male
 Race Human
 Age 16
• Professional Information •
 Affiliation Shelter B06-32
 Prev. Affiliation Grand Valley
Goldy Pond
Goldy Pond Resistance (disbanded)
 Occupation Mechanic
 Farm Identifier RIII522-633
 Status Alive
• Relationships •
 Allies Goldy Pond Resistance members, Emma, Ray, Yugo
 Enemies Bayon , Leuvis, Luce , Nous , Nouma , the demons, Andrew
• Debuts •
 Manga Chapter 69

Nigel (ナイジェル, Naijeru?) is a former orphan from the Grand Valley orphanage and the mechanic of the Goldy Pond Resistance.


Currently, not much is known about Nigel's backstory.


Goldy Pond Arc

Nigel helps Gillian fight Luce and his attendants. He and Gillian later run into Bayon, who injures Gillian, but Pepe rescues them at the last minute.

He's the one who enacts Goldy Pond's self-destruct program in chapter 95.

Culvitidala Arc


Nigel without hat

A rare moment of Nigel not wearing his hat.

Nigel is a fairly tall teenager with a tiny two-leaf seedling growing on the top of his head. He wears a simple sweater, trousers and an Aviator hat with broken, rectangular goggles which seems to not cover up the two-leaf seedling from view.

When Nigel was seen without his Aviator hat, he instead continued to wear the set of goggles above his forehead.


Nigel cares deeply for his friends, especially Zack, whom he looks up to, and Gillian. He's willing to sacrifice himself for them and for the greater good.

While he has a good head on his shoulders, he doesn't always think things through before acting. He gets nervous easily, and pretends to have a plan when Gillian asks him what he'll do next. As described by Gillian, Nigel is a very rational person.[1]

Skills and Abilities


Nigel has displayed excellent shooting skills in the use of his sniping rifle. Evident when he was able to shoot demons from a far distance.

Immense Reflexes

While fulfilling a role pivoted on accurate and careful aiming, Nigel possesses extremely sharp reflexes and can rapidly react to danger, this was shown when he successfully dodged Bayon's attacking spear in a nick of time.[2]


Goldy Pond Resistance members

Being comrades with the members of the resistance for a long time, Nigel has been on good terms with his comrades throughout his time surviving in Goldy Pond.

Nigel was shown to be especially close to Zack and Gillian. Nigel sees Zack as "the one who risks his neck"[3] and was highly grateful towards his many sacrifices and help he made for him and the team. Meanwhile, Nigel treats Gillian as his dear friend as he values her life, this was shown when he was willing to risk his life to fight Bayon in order to allow her to make an escape. When Gillian turned against his plans and chose to risk her life instead, Nigel called her an "idiot"[4] and was greatly saddened when Gillian exclaimed the reason for him to be angry at her is how he worried for her safety.




Being enemies from the very start, Nigel saw Leuvis as a threat to the humans that reside in Goldy Pond, and considered him as one of the biggest and strongest demons he and his comrades faced. This was evident when he reacted in frustration and fear when Leuvis managed to dodge and catch every bullet Emma fired at him.


  • He's also in charge of the ammo stockpile.
  • He's really good with machines.
  • He's sensitive to cold.
  • He doesn't wash his hat.


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