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Nigel (ナイジェル, Naijeru?) is an orphan from the Grand Valley orphanage and the former mechanic of the Goldy Pond Resistance. He's also in charge of the ammo stockpile.


Nigel's younger sister is killed

Nigel was born at the Grand Valley Farm, and was sent to the Goldy Pond hunting ranges at some point in the past. There, he watched the death of his little sister, and later joined the Goldy Pond resistance.


A rare moment of Nigel not wearing his hat.

Nigel is a fairly tall teenager with a tiny two-leaf seedling growing on the top of his head. He wears a simple sweater, trousers and an Aviator hat with broken, rectangular goggles which seems to not cover up the two-leaf seedling from view.

When Nigel was seen without his Aviator hat, he instead continued to wear the set of goggles above his forehead.


Nigel cares deeply for his friends, especially Zack, whom he looks up to, and Gillian. He's willing to sacrifice himself for them and for the greater good.

While he has a good head on his shoulders, he doesn't always think things through before acting. He gets nervous easily, and pretends to have a plan when Gillian asks him what he'll do next. As described by Gillian, Nigel is a very rational person.[2]


Search For Minerva Arc

After meeting Emma, Oliver introduced her to the members of the Goldy Pond Resistance. He introduces Nigel as the mechanic of the group. Nigel then shows Emma the weapons provided to them by the poachers.

Along with other members of the resistance, Nigel claims that he was a frustrated at first after learning that Lucas lied about the existence of a human community outside Goldy Pond, but he ultimately trusts and believes in Lucas.

Goldy Pond Arc

Nigel and Gillian hide in the trees, waiting to attack Luce as planned. Upon seeing Luce, Nigel has a brief flashback of a little girl he was close with who got killed by Luce and his attendants.[3]

Gillian and Nigel defeat Luce's attendants. Luce then draws a knife, which Nigel swiftly shoots out of his hand. Luce tries to run away but Nigel and Gillian catch up to him and take off his mask, revealing his weak spot. After Gillian kills Luce, Nigel tells her that they're six minutes and 22 seconds in to the battle. Gillian blows her whistle to alert the others that Luce is dead, then she and Nigel run to meet up with Zack and Pepe.[4] Nigel suddenly stops running and warns Gillian that something is coming. Bayon steps out into their view, and Nigel worries that he killed Zack and Pepe. He reminds himself that Zack is the oldest and one of the most skilled members of the Goldy Pond Resistance, always taking risks and putting himself in danger for others, which helps calm him a bit.[5]

Nigel is determined to stop Bayon. He tells Gillian that they should split up, with Nigel staying to fight Bayon and Gillian continuing on to find Zack and Pepe. After Gillian worriedly asks Nigel how he plans on stopping Bayon by himself, Nigel insists that he has a plan. In reality, however, he doesn't have a plan and he hopes to stop Bayon even at the risk of dying himself. Nigel and Gillian go to split up, but Gillian blows her whistle to get Bayon's attention and alert the others that something is wrong. Nigel panics and yells at Gillian to run like they planned, but Gillian would rather risk her life than Nigel risk his. The two ultimately decide to fight Bayon together.

Bayon reveals that he knows a great deal about their plan to destroy Goldy Pond, including the fact that he is looking for Lucas. In order to protect Lucas and the children hiding with him, Nigel and Gillian start running to lead Bayon away from the town. However, before they get too far, Gillian gets severely injured by Bayon, who provides Nigel with an ultimatum: Gillian's life, or Lucas'. Nigel apologizes to Gillian, promising to quickly end her suffering. Before Nigel can shoot her, Pepe throws a smoke bomb at Bayon and distracts him long enough for Nigel to grab Gillian and start running.[6]

Nigel and Pepe take Gillian to the underground base where Lucas is hiding with the others, hoping to get Gillian's wounds treated. Bayon secretly follows them into the base, only to get ambushed by Nigel, Oliver, and Lucas. Oliver breaks Bayon's mask, then Nigel shoots Bayon in the eye. Bayon stumbles but remains alive, then swings at Nigel and barely misses him with his spear.[7]

After Bayon's death, Nigel catches now-conscious Gillian up with everything that happened. Lucas tells Nigel to "do as I told you earlier" if necessary, then Nigel heads back to the town to help Emma defeat Leuvis.[8]

Nigel hides in one of the buildings in town with an open window to snipe through. He attempts to shoot Leuvis' mask off, but Leuvis blocks it with his hand. Fortunately, Mister arrives with Ray and destroys the mask himself.[9] Leuvis ends up injuring Pepe, then the rest of the group retreat to the building Nigel is in. Nigel begins panicking but remains determined, suggesting that they regroup and try again, but Mister suggests that they all run away. He then turns to Emma, thinking now is the time to enact the last resort plan he and Lucas spoke of, but Emma turns the idea down.[10] The group then makes a new plan to defeat Leuvis. Nigel, along with Ray and Emma, enact the new plan, shooting at Leuvis with everything they've got. The plan works and Leuvis is killed, but not before he impales Emma.[11]

Nigel runs back to the underground base to give everyone the good news; Leuvis is dead and all the Goldy Pond children are free.[12] Nigel, along with the other members of the resistance, admit that they always planned on getting Lucas and the others out of Goldy Pond safely, even if it meant dying to do so.

Lucas hands Nigel the pen Emma brought with her and tells him to enact the last resort plan. Nigel runs to the secret control room underneath the windmill and activates the self-destruct program that will destroy Goldy Pond in thirty minutes. Nigel escapes Goldy Pond with the others and they begin the trek to B06-32.[13]

Cuvitidala Arc

Skills and Abilities


Nigel has displayed excellent shooting skills in the use of his sniping rifle. Evident when he was able to shoot demons from a far distance.

Immense Reflexes

While fulfilling a role pivoted on accurate and careful aiming, Nigel possesses extremely sharp reflexes and can rapidly react to danger, this was shown when he successfully dodged Bayon's attacking spear in a nick of time.[14]


Nigel is skilled in maintaining and repairing machines.


Goldy Pond Resistance members

Being comrades with the members of the resistance for a long time, Nigel has been on good terms with his comrades throughout his time surviving in Goldy Pond.


Both from Grand Valley, Gillian, and Nigel understand and care for each other. They have similar experiences of watching Luce kill their family. Nigel treats Gillian as his dear friend as he values her life, this was shown when he was willing to risk his life to fight Bayon in order to allow her to make an escape. When Gillian turned against his plans and chose to risk her life instead, Nigel called her an "idiot"[15] and was greatly saddened when Gillian exclaimed the reason for him to be angry at her is how he worried for her safety.


Nigel sees Zack as "the one who risks his neck"[16] and was highly grateful towards his many sacrifices and help he made for him and the team. He trusts Zack and admires his abilities.


Being enemies from the very start, Nigel saw Leuvis as a threat to the humans that reside in Goldy Pond, and considered him as one of the biggest and strongest demons he and his comrades faced. This was evident when he reacted in frustration and fear when Leuvis managed to dodge and catch every bullet Emma fired at him.



  • He's sensitive to cold.[citation needed]
  • He doesn't wash his hat.[citation needed]
  • Nigel's favorite food is chestnut pilaf.[1]
  • Nigel enjoys fiddling with machines.[1]


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