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I thought about the reason I was born. The significance of my life… for the past 700 years. I finally understood after meeting Emma. In the past, we made a promise. We separated our world from the humans. And I… I was born to change the demon species. And now is the time for our world to change.Mujika to Queen Legravalima in "The Reason I Was Born"

Mujika (ムジカ) is a demon descent traveling in the forest outside the Grace Field House. Together with Sonju, she believes in a religious principle to not eat humans that come from the farms, though she has chosen not to eat wild humans either.

Mujika saved Emma and the other orphans of Grace Field House from the pursuing demons and informed the former about many threats from her own society.


Young Mujika hailed as a "miracle child".

Over 1000 years ago, Mujika was born into a normal clan of demons. However, ever since she was young, she has been different from every other demon around her: she didn't change form no matter what she ate, and even if she didn't eat human meat, she never devolved. Her blood also had the ability to give other demons a permanent human form and intelligence so they would never have to rely on eating humans again for the sake of preventing themselves from devolving. Because of this, Mujika was hailed as a "miracle child", though this status would often make her a target as a substitute as human meat.

Nonetheless, Mujika and her clan, people whom she saved and helped with her blood, put their "powers" to good use and saved entire villages by feeding their inhabitants with their blood. However, the demon royal family, the five regents heads and the Ratri family saw this as a threat to the farm systems, their money supply, their control over the demon world, and the promise they made, so the royals and five regents devoured the cursed blood demons until only Mujika remained.

Being the lone survivor, Mujika ran from place to place over a period of 700 years. Due to these events, she began questioning her purpose in life.[1] At an unknown point, Mujika met Sonju, who would become her closest friend.

700 years later, Mujika and Sonju originally planned to give the Grace Field escapees back to the orphanage for a temporary reprieve from being targeted by the farm-related demons, though Sonju stopped her from this more villainous scheme, being the only reason she didn't.[2]


Mujika is the most human-looking demon and can pass for human with a cloak on. She has a pale complexion and long, purple hair braided pigtails covering parts of her horns.

Mujika wears a long, floor length, layered, white dress with a cropped blue cloak over top.


Mujika deceived the children through an accommodating and kind attitude. She initially wanted to capture them and return them back to Grace Field – a selfish way for her and Sonju to be granted with an "easy life" for half a year.[3] Nevertheless, she agreed with Sonju to rescue the escapees instead and kept both hers and his real, personal intentions of saving them.

According to Sonju, Mujika tends to be easily attached to others. This is shown when she started to actually care towards Emma and the escapees, often warning the former about dangers.[4] Therefore, these actions showed how there are still some positive traits within her.

Due to being the only one surviving out of her friends and family due to being "different" from every other demon, Mujika began questioning her purpose in life and why she was alive. She couldn't make up her mind if she was glad she was born or not.[1] After meeting Emma, Mujika thought that she was born to break the separation between humans and demons.


Promised Forest Arc

After the news of several Grace Field orphans who had escaped reached Sonju and Mujika, the two ran into Emma, Ray and the other Grace Field escapees by coincidence, who were lost within the forest. When Mujika told Sonju in capturing them and return them back to Grace Field (which could grant them an "easy life" for half a year), Sonju denied her idea, and instead insist on saving them.[5]

Sonju and Mujika successfully rescued the Grace Field escapees from several demons as they brought them to their secret territory within a cave. The two aided in Emma's ear injury and provided hospitality for the orphans. Mujika talked to Emma in private, as she accommodated her and felt Emma's pain of losing a loved one, much so that she whispered to herself in her own language to express her concerns.

Mujika taught the kids about basic survival knowledge throughout their travels to B06-32. Right before parting ways, she gave Emma an eye-shaped locket to serve as a "good-luck charm" and told her to look for "The Seven Walls".[6] After Emma and the orphans departed, Sonju told Mujika on how he had hopes on Emma and her friends in bringing an end to The Promise, as he expressed his desire in breaking free from the restraint of eating humans due to his and Mujika's religious views as Heathens. Mujika did not respond, as she stared emotionlessly at her friend.

Cuvitidala Arc

When Emma vows to break The Promise and save Phil and the other orphans that were left in Grace Field, Mujika sensed it, as she stared towards a distance. Sonju noticed Mujika's odd behavior and questioned her, Mujika replied how she was fine as she proceeded to ride the Sleipnir horse with Sonju, while looking at the locket within her palm.[7]

Seven Walls Arc

Mujika later reunites with Don and Gilda after they got a mission from Norman to find her and Sonju. Apparently, Norman wanted to protect the two demons, but Don and Gilda finally realized that he had been bluffing and that he was, indeed, trying to get them killed via his subordinates Jin and Hayato, who accompanied them during the trip to find Mujika and Sonju. Gilda, desperate for help and heartbroken over the change in Norman's behavior, begs for Mujika to help her to prevent Norman from committing mass genocide on the demons.[citation needed] Mujika agrees, in which Sonju does too. All of them make their way to the Royal Capital to stop Norman, in where Mujika is reunited with Ray and Emma. The two girls share a hug and Mujika reassures her that agrees with her plans of protecting the demons.[citation needed]

Imperial Capital Battle Arc

Mujika, Sonju, Gilda, Don, Asyhe and Hayato were fighting the degenerating demons at the town's central square that were caused by Norman's army' poison. As more and more demons degenerate, Sonju cut of his hand and fed it to a wild demon. The demon turned back into it's normal self and Mujika gave her blood to the demons that are not degenerating. When Emma, Ray, Norman and his friends were battling Queen Legravalima, they bursted in the castle to help them with the fight. As the battle ends, Sonju and Mujika went to the excellency's place and gave him the blood to revive him and make him the king. Meanwhile, the demons that drank Mujika and Sonju's blood were captured and getting executed like before as the officials were lied to that Mujika's blood is contaminated. Mujika and Sonju almost escaped but Mujika collapsed because she gave too much of her blood to the excellency. They were captured and almost executed but Leuvis came and cancelled it.

Return to Grace Field Arc

After Leuvis makes the decision for all the farms are to be abolished, he also dubs Mujika as the new Queen of the demon society, seeing her fit for that position. She goes to meet Emma at Grace Field, prompting both of them to cry out of happiness.[8]

Skills and Abilties

Demon Language

Being a demon, Mujika is able to speak the demon language. Though she prefers to talk using the human language when she is with the Grace Field escapees or even Sonju, she was shown to whisper using the demon language to herself when Emma shared with her the story of how she lost her close friend Norman to the demons, as she was shown to be able to relate to her experience.

Evil Blood

Mujika is a special demon who retains the characteristics and sapience of humans without requiring to consume them. Other demons who ingest a drop of her blood gain the same abilities and are also able to spread this unique body composition to other demons.[9]



Sonju and Mujika are of the same religion of exercising the restraint of eating humans, hence the two share a common denominator of being shunned and looked down upon by other demons. Sonju considered Mujika to be a close ally, and often ventured into the forest with her to hunt for creatures he described as "pests".[10] Despite the two having a close relationship, both of their intentions occasionally clash, such as when Mujika is seemingly defiant of Sonju's desire to resume his practice of eating humans, and how Sonju preferred to protect them from getting caught by the farm demons when Mujika wanted to capture them and return them back to Grace Field instead.


Out of all the orphans, Emma was the closest to Mujika, as Mujika wishes to be her friend and treated Emma like a daughter. Mujika eventually grew more affectionate and accommodating, as she was willing to listen to Emma's stories and relate to Emma's pain of losing Norman.[citation needed]

In the end, Mujika slowly grows genuine care and concern for the orphans, as pointed out by Sonju that she has been getting attached to them.[11] Mujika also grew to be trustful to Emma, as she believed how she is able to search for The Seven Walls and passed her an eye-shaped locket as a "lucky charm".

Grace Field Escapees

When the news of the escape of the Grace Field orphans spread to her. Mujika initially wanted to capture them and bring them back to Grace Field, but later agreed with Sonju to protect and rescue the orphans from getting hunted by the demons from the farms instead.[12]

Mujika aided them and provided hospitality, and when she was around them, put on a motherly and loving persona to conceal her actual intention of capturing them; stemming from how she followed Sonju's then-hidden intention of considering them a way to break The Promise that was created, and eventually, a way for him (and Mujika) to break free of his restraint from consuming human flesh. However, she formed an attachment to the Escapees (Particularly Emma).[4]



  • The following are Mujika's rankings in some of The Promised Neverland’s official Popularity Polls.
    • Mujika is ranked 9th in the Popularity Poll that was announced in Chapter 88 of the manga.
    • In Shonen Jump’s 2nd popularity poll results announced in Chapter 102, Mujika is in 4th place with a total of 1324 votes.
  • It is implied by Mujika herself that she looked different prior to the beginning of the series.[13]
  • Mujika is the first female demon introduced in the series.


  • Mujika is a Japanese name: Mu (夢) meaning "dream", Ji (詩) meaning "poetry, poem", and Ka (花) meaning "flower, blossom". Other kanji combinations are possible.[14]


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