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Mike Ratri (マイク・ラートリー, Maiku Rātorī?) is a character of The Promised Neverland. He is a member of the Ratri Clan, the uncle of James and Peter Ratri, as well as the current proxy head of the clan in the Human World.


Mike is a middle-aged and full-bodied man with a few age marks around his eyes and mouth. He has ear-length, thin, light-colored hair, a pair of tired but calm dark-colored eyes, and thick eyebrows. He is always seen dressing professionally; such as in dark suits.


Mike is a very level-headed man with a deep sense of responsibility. He is shown to be cooperative and caring, taking in the Grace Field children and giving them a place to relax. He is also known to be responsible and hardworking, taking his job as the proxy head of the clan seriously.[1]


Human World Arc

Mike is first arriving in New York in an airplane to greet the humans who had just arrived in the Human World from the Demon World. He introduces himself as Peter's uncle and the proxy head of the Ratri clan. He then informs the children and adults that he is aware of "code solid", and that his clan will no longer harm the Grace Field children and adults. He later takes them in to their main office, where he tells them that his clan is currently securing all the other children in Human World, though he mentions that Emma is nowhere to be found.[1]


  • Mike Ratri is likely named after Michael Darling from J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan.


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