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  • I live in Ireland
  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
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  • Hey there Bael, How are you?

    Long time not seen, half a year maybe? Anyway, I want to wish you a happy (late) 2018.

    So, what happened the past 6 months? You were like gone. Now you've come back and your profile pic is gone, your profile description is gone, it feels like something happened. Did you become tired of TPN wiki? 

    Anyways, I'm glad to see that you are back and that you are doing fine.

    Greetings from your fellow editor, 


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    • Yes, indeed, we're glad to have you back, Gamerdude62. I might get a little to privy but I saw your past conversations with Thom. I would like to ask whether you still have in mind the plan to repopulate all chapter pages (as what I am supposed to do right after refurbishing the templates). I guarantee that it is a great help for you to do you.

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    • Hey TG, Sure has been awhile, sorry about disappearing out of nowhere. Nice to meet you Bagwis. The Wiki is looking amazing. You two must have been putting in a good amount of work. It's looking truly fantastic.

      Happy New Year! I hope 2018 has been great so far. Not sure why some of my profile has vanished but I guess I'll just write a new desciption and add a new photo!

      I got a job back in June which took up pretty much all of my time and then college started back up in September so I guess I just couldn't find the time to get back into the Wiki and didn't wanna half-ass it. But I'm back now and yea, I'm thinking I'll go straight into the Chapter Pages, if that's cool with the both of you!

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    • Nice to meet you too~

      Aphrodite Belleza also had a fair share of work in keeping the community organized and regulated. You and the founder Ars Oboro, who also has been recently active, had a chunk of contributions before. There has been a couple of editors that come and go to which I can't fully note of, but they definitely made a significant participation to this continuous project. So all in all, this is not just our work, but the efforts of all our contributors, with or without admin roles.

      Sure~! I'll help you in managing the chapter pages after I'm done making the templates uniform. In the meantime, please let me know if you had difficulties in populating the templates transcluded in the said pages.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I just want to confirm whether this arc is a legit story arc of The Promised Neverland. I needed to ask this question because it is unusual for this series to start an arc without a coloured title page (compared to the prior ones).

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    • Hey Bagwis,

      Similar to the "The Promised Forest Arc" and the "Search for Minerva Arc", It's more of an arc accepted by fans compared to that of the creator, who by this point I believe has only confirmed the "Grace Field House Arc" and the "Escape Arc".

      Also, We usually make a new Arc for when the setting changes dramtically:

      Grace Field -> The Forest -> Goldy Pond.

      But of course, if you feel that I'm jumping the gun and that you don't feel it should be done then I'd be happy to change it back.

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    • The Promised Forest Arc and Search For Minerva Arc are both introduced by the coloured title pages though, thus, they are confirmed by the creators. Please refer to Chapter 38 and Chapter 53.

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    • That's a fair way of looking at it. Although Shonen Jump usually asks creators to do Colour pages for their series based of the popularity of the series. That's why there are a number of colour pages in the middle of Arcs. (e.g Chapter 67Chapter 64 and Chapter 60 [Which could actually be the start of the Arc, as this is when they head to Goldy Pond])

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  • Hello, Gamerdude62, I had created this template which I think you might like:


    Most wikis normally have similar templates like this one added at the main page of their wikis. It helps to introduce the characters of The Promised Neverland to visitors. I hope you this template I created can be useful and can be added into the Main page. (:

    Looking forward to your reply

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    • ^btw, the template I show you above is just a prime example. If you and the other admins here happened to like this, I can help to expand and add more characters in.

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    • Hey Belleza,

      That template looks great and you're right many other wikis have those on the main page so why shouldn't we xP

      I'll add it to the main page!

      Thanks so much for the help witht his template and the edits on the wiki! Much appreciated! :D

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    • Yes, thanks!

      Sorry Beal for my absence for this long. I am really busy with school but I'm done this Friday. I will come back on Saterday, 24th June and I hope to add much more content and other stuff to the wiki. I'm looking forward to working with you and the rest again and I hope you can excuse me for my long absence! :)

      - TG RBB 

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    • And also, there is this feature that I like and I think u guys might like too. It is a code where it enables all links to glow. Just add it into this wikia's CSS if you find this feature interesting:

       /** Link glow **/
      a:hover {
      	text-shadow: #FFA500 0 0 3px;
              color: #FFFFFF !important;
      	-webkit-transition: all .4s linear 0s;
      	-moz-transition: all .4s linear 0s;
      	-ms-transition: all .4s linear 0s;
      	-o-transition: all .4s linear 0s;
      	transition: all .4s linear 0s;
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  • Hey, I saw you making some edits on the wiki and I thought, why not work together to make it even better? 


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    • Sorry for not replying that time. I was busy. I worked on the caracters and on Grace Field House page,you should check it out when you have time :D 

      I'm going to work on the relationships of the characters and the charaters for now. It would be great if you started making the discriptions for the Chapter pages. CP 1-5 for a start. Or the latest 5 chapters, your pick. You could get some information from the portugese wiki where they already have the discriptions. You could use page translate for it to get some inspiration but don't copy it because that's not fair! :)

      Oh and let's talk about 'the latest chapter' cp 36. I was suprised on how the 15 kids managed to escape w/o anyone of the dying or getting captured and hopefully we'll get to see more of the outside world now. What are your thought about CP 36?

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    • Hey, Yea I saw! They're looking great! keep up the good work!!! :D I'm gonna start write up the summaries for some of the chapters from now! I'll see how they do up the chapters and use it as reference but I'll make sure it's not a complete copy xP

      I was like oh god in chapter 36 I thought they'd get caught or something but chapter 37 is probably my favourite! I love the back story of Isabella, I want to learn more about Leslie! Also excited to start this new arc! What did you think of it?

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