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Matilda (マティルダ, Matiruda) is a character in the special pilot chapter A Mother's Determination. Born and raised on an unknown plantation at Grace Field House, Matilda now works as a sister at Grace Field Headquarters. She was the sister that assisted the previous Grandma, Sarah.


She is shown to have short light hair reaching past her chin and dark eyes, She wore the standard orphanage uniform made for the plantations' Sisters, which consists of a black dress with a white blouse underneath it and a white apron over it.


Matilda is said to be a friendly woman and can be friends with anyone, she is also emotional said to have cried more than anyone behind the shadows of a sister and bursting in tears after discovering that her child was still alive, she is also an ambitious girl who aims to climb up by obeying Sarah and Isabella,



She has stated that she respects Isabella very much but is shown to be envious of her since Isabella let the kids escape and got to become Grandma instead of her who has worked her hardest in achieving to become a Grandma, She is also suspicious of her and Grandma Sarah's relationship saying she has noticed Isabella having weird perks under Grandma Sarah, despite that she is afraid of Isabella shown when she has been caught in entering Isabella's office with forged communication data, Matilda somehow trusts Isabella as she is the first one to stand up with her in destroying the farms, in the end though it seems her hatred towards Isabella has disappeared as they were visiting the grave and tells her along with the other sisters that they are grateful and happy because of her.



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