Mama (ママ, English "Mom"?) is a title given to female humans who are serving the Demons' "dietary goods" under the guise of being a caretaker for orphans in the Premium Farms like Grace Field House and Glory Bell. They are known to be previous "orphans" who have surpassed an insurmountable level of expertise in Litany Exams and have undergone hours of training after being promoted by their preceding Mama.

It is shown that Mamas can be promoted to Grandmothers in their late age. The Grandmother role can also be passed down to a caretaker after one has stepped down.


Mamas and grandmas can be seen wearing a black dress with a white apron over the top of the dress. They wear white collars as well.

Known Mamas

Isabella badge Yukko in manga Sarah mugshot Previous Grandmother mugshot
Yukko Sarah
Previous Grandmother
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