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Luce (ルーチェ, Rūche?) is one of the antagonists of The Promised Neverland during the Goldy Pond arc. He was a demon who belonged to the group of Demons known as the "Poachers", hunting orphans who end up in the hunting reserve Goldy Pond. He is a hunter participating in Goldy Pond.


Luce was a tiny, white-colored demon. He had over 20 eyes and razor-sharp teeth. He wore a mask which displayed 6 of his eyes. The mask had two horns on top of it before it was shattered by Gillian.


For the Goldy Pond arc. Just like all the other demons of Goldy Pond, his favorite hobby is to hunt children. Contrary to them, he's a weak Dirty Coward who enjoys hunting defenseless preys precisely because they can't fight back. All the other demons were thrilled to realize the children of Goldy Pond had mounted a resistance and went down fighting. He, on the other hand, tries to run away and pathetically begs for his life when cornered.

Luce relies entirely on his attendants, whom are made from his own body, to do the heavy lifting for him. This comes back to bite him in the ass once his attendants are killed, as he has no way left to defend himself, unlike the rest of the hunters.

Of all of the hunters at Goldy Pond, Luce is considered the weakest of the bunch, to the point that the plan to kill off the Demonic attendants, which every other hunter could see through, completely blindsides him. The children don't even bother to implement their secret weapon against him, and his allies barely seem surprised at all at the indication he might have died.


Luce is responsible for the death of many children in the past few years, as well as the death of Gillian's sister. This caused Gillian to hold a huge grudge against him.

Years later, he overheard some high-ranked demons talking about catching Grace Field Escapees.[1] He got excited upon hearing that Emma is from Grace Field House.


Search For Minerva Arc

Luce was first seen attacking Theo and Monica, but Emma threw an axe at him to save the children but before the axe could cause any damage to Luce it was caught by Leuvis in time. Due to his near-death experience with Emma, Luce wants revenge on her.[2]

Luce is later cornered by Gillian while trying to hunt her and Nigel. He notices that all of his attendants were killed. Right before being killed himself, Luce surrenders and tries to buy time so he could try to kill both Gillian and Nigel and then finally pleads for his life, but Gillian winds up killing him in the end.[3]

Cuvitidala Arc

Luce was a few years later mentioned by his father, Dozza, to the other family heads in a discussion about how all of their family members including Luca had gone missing.


  • Luce is the first demon who mentions having a father, who was later revealed to be Dozza.


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